The leak confirms that the Bend Studio planned to work on the sequel Days Gone

Among the recent leaks associated with the future games of the Insomniac Games, there is a slide presentation indicating that Bend Studio once worked on the sequel Days Gone. Apparently, the studio wanted to make a proposal to the head of PlayStation Studios German Hullest.

Judging by the slide of the presentation, the Bend Studio worked on the early prototypes of the sequel Days Gone and the new game in the Uncharted series. Judging by the mentioned details of the budget and new employees for both games, the studio most likely planned to promote one of these projects after the reviews of Khulsta. Slide presentation in question can be seen below. The document dates back to 2020.

But, apparently, the projects were canceled. As early as May 2023, the former Bend Studio Game Director Jeff Ross wrote on Twitter/X that Days Gone 2 would have been released if it had not been canceled. He noted that he is usually disappointed in PlayStation Showcase, because they remind him that Days Gone 2 could have already come out.

Some time ago it was reported that Bend, most likely, will use the Decima engine from Guerrilla Games for its next project, and that it will be a game with the open world. In the LinkedIn profile, the game designer Matthew Seymour states that he worked with the Deucima engine when developing the next Bend Studio game.

According to rumors, it is planned to be in an unanounced project "Cinematographically high quality" Facial animation, 3D-Audio and possibly online multiplayer. The LinkedIn profile of the senior technical artist James Sathre mentions work on the new generation lighting tools. As for the open world of the game, the Bend Studio has appointed the senior presenter designer Ron Allen (Ron Allen) to work on the open world and the design of the new project missions.

According to the profile of the Hungui NGUI concept designer on ArtStation, a non -anced game from Bend Studio will be released in 2025.

“New generation graphics for $ 70”: players in shock from the quality of Mortal Kombat 1 on Nintendo Switch

Today the official release of the new part of the legendary bloody fighting was held. Early access owners have been studying combat combinations for a week in Mortal Kombat 1 and pass new modes for the series. Judging by the first reaction of gamers, the developers from Netherrealm Studios managed to successfully restart the franchise, but not everyone was satisfied with the game. The most outrage comes from players on Nintendo Switch, who are horrified by the technical condition of Mortal Kombat 1 on the console and the level of graphics.

The first demonstrations of the fighting version for Nintendo Switch have already hinted at serious graphic restrictions, but the players were still not ready for this. Users complain about almost all aspects of the game that are made at a poor level, unlike versions for PC or PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Mortal Kombat 1 version on Nintendo Switch often suffers from critical errors and boasts of the lowest polygonal models, which is why the playing is compared with the generation of games for PlayStation 2.

This is what users write:

I cry over the Mortal Kombat 1 version for Switch. Why did they just not wait for the next generation Switch console, the fact that it costs $ 70 is robbery.

The game looks disgusting! I try to issue a refund.

I don’t know why everything became so bad that MK11 was not so terrible on Switch.

If you reduce brightness and contrast, models of your favorite characters will look like monsters from horror games

The main claim of gamers is that the developers are asking for the version of the game for Nintendo Switch a hollow price tag of $ 70. As users note, the game for such a price should not look so bad when comparing with other versions, besides this, the project should work stably, but this recently all developers have become forgotten.

I have long said that nintendo switch. Surely hemorrhoids for a long time to run on it.

Finally Mortal Kombat with a normal plot. It turns out for the first time. Well, not surprising as the same restart

What happens, MK at the time of PS2 was better than now on nintedo?

The last normal MK was the one that reached PS1

Yeah, but only it was Mk Trilogy, not MK4

Judging by the screenshots from the sweat.

Ummm and where is the graphics of the new generation with a binding to the switch ? All questions to the gland of the switch and in pricing policy too.

MK is always made on the basis of the principle of underestimation of the graphon until this Herot will work in 60 FPS, that on Vita that MK 11 on the sword is just a squalor, and on both there are fighting valves that look normally on such an iron but not MK, so here It is fair about graphon – these bastards, as always, did not try, if only to cut down dough

and at the PSP, too, in comparison with the estrine

What did you expect from iron, which a priori does not suit games with more or less good graphics?

Witcher 3 Nekst-Gen and Remaster RDR looked at the RDR, unlike MK, because they tried it for people earlier, now they are trying more for their pockets

Expected that the price will be appropriate. Since they could not in more or less norms graphics, lower the price tag.

Well, and games what years then then. Plus in a witcher graphone cut anyway. And here is a new game. The question of the fuck was generally to port. Iron is just weak. There are no miracles.

Read carefully, I wrote such a meaning to earlier And Nekstgen

To RDR the word remaster is not applicable. There is simply not there.

Milena in ordinary life?

It seems we began to forget.

I am not a particularly specialist in Nintendo console, but in my opinion it is not more powerful and not at the level of the consoles of the past generation even. So under it you need to do either separate or strongly ocal -fluid games. What they wanted?

although it was probably possible to redo the shaders. Throwing the soaps of Blum and Tolstenko Embient is disabled. It would be something in the 2010s level

Witcher 3, Luigi, Mario Odyssey – but a lot more in fact in Sich looks much better than a curved twitch.

Witcher 3 maybe but I’m not sure that there is just an analogue of the PC version with humiliated graphics. All sorts of Mario were designed specifically stylistically, taking into account these restrictions on which I said. for it is unlikely that the games on the switch flaunt even a complete PBR set from the past generation.

They wanted the price tag corresponding, but definitely not $ 70.

There is a full -fledged witcher with all DLS. Yes, and MK11 does not look as terrible as MK1. Here is just generally.

Well, in fairness, it is worth noting that it is weaker than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But here the problem is not in the shadeers, but in the fact that the game could look much better if the developers would have tried to make it very well for the Sych. But there is no sense in this – this is unnecessary costs of money and time with minimal revenue, compared to the galaxy "large" console and PC.

Your old computer, when I launched a modern game on it

The HC did not want to release MK1 on PS4 but decided to release on a switch and cut the graphon in zero)

Because there are ninted -bonds that are happy to cheat and ask for supplements. And PS4 for 10 years is not relevant.

PS4 10 years ago only appeared) it became irrelevant since this year, since in 2022 2 major games still came to it – Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok

Fool? PS4 10 years ago only appeared and lost relevance only last year, and then not completely, under it, as well as under the Xbox One, they will release games for a long time, at least a turkey.

Dushnyara, this is apparently too obvious that I mean "outdated at the time of exit", Yes? Or you are a sonibchik?

Svitch the second will return us to PS4.

It looks like a blasty on the minimum

Steam Deck copes much better, but if you remove the rotten Denuvo, then the result could be even better.

ASUS ROG ALLY, surprisingly, copes excellently, even with braking Denuvo.

In shock, but buy and hack

Ahahaha, this!
When I bought back in 2012 MK9 on PS Vita, even then it looked better than this miracle))

On the face, an attempt to somehow wind up more dough. I would even say on the face.

Mk ArmageDon level graphene on PS2

70 mowers. WOW. I did not know that Dawngraid was so expensive today.

Just tin. I immediately remembered

This is such a base for the removal of new memes 🔥

The characters MK1 in the Svitch version saw some shit, judging by the eyes.

The switch like K -pulle S inhibit the industry, these are the crutches of the legs, while they are cut down

But the potion made for Switch is considered one of the best games.

The switch is generally in its niche, and is ported to it according to the residual principle (Proprietary games are ruled there by the ball)
Well, at the expense of the Xbox SS – then without it they would have been scored even more for optimization. Although the situation in most AAA-IGR is already deplorable.

The industry is inhibited by crookedly, which make a square box of 166,000 training grounds.

If you are talking about Breath of the Wild, then it was originally released on Wii U. There was a port on Switch, which, moreover, even 30 frames cannot be stable. If you’re talking about Tears of the Kingdom, then I can’t say anything here.

Aaaa, it is because of the switch 4090 somehow many games drag. Thank you, now I am in the know, keep in the know.

It seems that for iron the switch is normal. Here is a gameplay

well, by the way, judging by the vidos, then it really is normal for that iron!

And what kind of minuses?I’m wrong somewhere?Although what am I talking about, it is the same, yes.

So the elite guys thought that the system was outparted and it would be possible to connect and play a sweat to the plasma, receiving fool expirins.

Buy mobile g@vonsoli (Hello, censorship!), and then complain that the graphics "Not that".

So if the port made imprudent arrogant mediocrity. You are all aching about bad optimization in every new game, but how it comes to raw – it is the iron is weak: D is understandable if it were a port of cyberpanus – but the thing touches MK – the simplest one can portend the normal graphics and not now Selling these naked training grounds for 70 bucks.

Yeah. Play better either on RS at least average, or on PS5 and Xbox Series. There are many times better.

Here are Sygles, such a port of $ 70 cannot cost, $ 50-60.

PS vita TV will be the same

It looks better on Vita

Yes, and FIG would with her, with this part, anyway, rusted, ruined everything that they could, even the animations are wretched and too sharp. I’m silent about Camo and some kind of armor there, as I found out I just fucked up. On android there is a game Shadow Fight 3, so there is also an imbalance, many bots are indispensable with a bunch of hp, Donatier trash, in short.

How much does it cost to grow such teeth like Milina’s?

even cheaply pay 100 baches, "The port is getting more expensive"

Play play mobile gamers))

Lol, Cage became an Indian :))

This is all for the sake of fans of Fordnight

My Bati had about my face, when I yelled a couple of minutes ago in my voice from the Prevejah.To the author respect of course, for selection)

I did not understand someone on the screen, or the game looks like a fracture?

Complaints of poverty that downloaded the game for free)))

Well, what did they want to play on a smartphone level console

With the same success could still release games on PS3 and Xbox360 and people will buy as well as a switch

it is difficult on PS3, there is schizoid architecture

And what did you want from the portable with 0.5 tflops video? Thank you for at least starting in 60 FPS in battle)

It was immediately clear that Switch was weaker in terms of performance.

But here, it seems, they didn’t bother over the port.

And what did they expect from 256 nuclei of the architecture of Maxwell and the old Cortex A53 and A57? The conditional PC with the first generation and GT1030 will be much faster than this console. The ancient gland made optimizon in the style of ancient iron – potato graphics. There is perhaps the moment that they were not at all steamed about the quality of the models – even with horseradish textures and low -polygonal models, they could make them much more pretty, but scored a bolt for this event. Although given that users of the raw with foam at the mouth proved that in Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom the Supercurrent schedule, I am generally not surprised that the outbursts were confused on them – these guys are ready to devour everything, just to work on the ray, True, this time did not particularly skip.

Judging by the pictures of the PS2 level graphics maximum. Nintendo releases his prefixes already outdated. Switch 2 will not be an exception.

People with weak PCs would like this game to be launched with such graphics.

Cool graphics shnyaga 777

Well, what can I do if the console Nintedo is a piece of govna?

No one, how are the faces in Starfield?

And you expected something from the 2017 portable?

Well, shells who bought a game on the switch, they have a brain? They understand that on such a gland, this is still a miracle that the game came out. (I myself bought a switch at one time, well, the jelly, once I sell it in perfect condition, a box with everything) and the fact that the price is so so garbage nintedo. I’m sure when the 2 console version comes out, they will sell this game again, something is 99% sure that the games will not be compatible with the first.

Of course, I understand everything, but blindly believe that the game 2023 will start on the portable 2017 in the same quality as on a stationary console is the nonsense of schizophrenic. Say thank you that this portable on Tegra X1 (where the GPU on the 2015 Maxwell architecture is weaker than the GTX 750 in the number of nuclei, textures and rasterizers) generally launched this game. I don’t know who bought this game on Switch and what I hoped for. The ceiling for Switch is the Games of the Xbox 360 – Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, etc. Games with PS4 are already worse than Spyro and Doom 2016.

So on the switch all such games)))

And now you show at least one such, with the same monstrous graphony and naked training grounds without textures.

By the way, MK on Vita and the old woman PS2 and that look better in many ways.

And what does the Iron Nintendo Switch have to do with it? We will be honest, even on the release, the iron was old. But there are games that look beautiful for this portable. And it doesn’t matter whether the port is or the original release. There are many games that look much better than this MK. Yes, even MK 11 looked very good on the switch (for the switch of course). The publisher wanted to cut down extra money and apparently could, but the game is clearly, right, obviously, it should not cost so much on the switch with such a technical implementation. People have very fair comments.

Another thing is that the players did not look on the Internet how the game looks like a sword. But the ordinary user will not do this. Just see in Eshop and buy a game. But there, in ESHOP, this practice has long existed: if the game has nothing but a poster, then the publisher/developer wants to hide the quality of the product from potential buyers, t.To. The requirements of Nintendo indicate that if you publish videos or screenshots, they must be directly from the version of the game for the published console. Therefore, many developers simply publish a poster and all. thereby hiding the technical condition. Someone will buy. But there are no refunds there

So the game is the same, with the same content, if I am not mistaken)) so it is true that the price is the same) that the graphics are wretched, it is to blame the console, and not the outfit))) in general, the version of the sweatshirt should then cost $ 80)) ( 10 dollars for additional work to optimize the graphics for the sweatshirt)

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It seems to be continuing Hogwarts Legacy to be

Warner Bros company. Games decided to attract the attention of players thanks to the publication of information about the search for a specialist for a vacancy of a junior engineer-programmer. The description reads:

Join the team behind the blockbuster Hogwarts Legacy, a role -playing action with the open world, and together we will create what will happen next

Given the fact of selling the game by multimillion -dollar circulation, as well as very popularity among the best -selling games of 2023, it is logical to assume that it is an incredibly atmospheric sequel Hogwarts Legacy.

The project received good reviews from the audience, but largely thanks to the well -worked world Hogwarts. Developers from Avalanche Software Obviously you have to try to surprise the fans of the universe Joan Rowling. To do this, in continuation, it is worth focusing on a more deep study of the gameplay component.

Hogwartz (locations) The game has a beautiful, but side and NPCs are just horror, I went through the games and I don’t remember anything, the game is purely fan service nothing more.

Let me remind you, Sebastian – Yidit. Useless professors.

So what else did you want? Something like Diablo? Then the sales would be small. And so the game was made for absolutely everyone.

Brazyatina. Baldur’s Gate has small sales now? On the contrary, the more efficiently the game, the more they buy. Hogwarts was bought purely because of the universe, if it were better in terms of the plot – in general, all records would have broken

This is the problem when you try to please everyone, in the end you do not please anyone. If the Hogwarts did not be a famous universe, she would be remembered only as a weak anniversary Style Serednyak. The plot is some kind of liquid, there are no interesting characters. Side ones did not even steam with voice acting, reminded English lessons in elementary school, when the cassettes were included with records. Yes, they could in the design of locations, Loki are interesting and beautiful, it is interesting to roam the first time, but otherwise dunes. The fighting is not bad, but nothing special. Lessons do not cause interest at all, but a couple of them for the whole game.

Therefore, there is hope that they will make a good second part, finalizing the mechanics before the ideal. Because in general, they did a good job, the game is not ideal, even as the fan did not like some things, but it is clear that they didn’t quite do it. The lack of experience affected more

Rowling would be connected to development, dialogs would have improved, memorable characters would have appeared)

Femics and shemales will fall if the rolling is turned on, and the heads and directors are still tolerant and panties

So that is Rowling Feminist. She on shemales and attacked their attempt on female spaces and selecting the appearance of women.

So there is a version that the books were written not by it, but an ex -husband. And judging by the quality of subsequent books after a divorce, it may well be.

It is quite boring, so that already in the middle it does not care about the universe where the actions of the game take place, it simply does not export.

The game is gorgeous, we are waiting for the second part!

The first one is generally worth the sale?

a toy for fans of a sweaty, indifferent to the topic is unlikely to go

Made a pre -order. I don’t regret the purchase. He played 70 hours.

Considering that there will be a voice acting for the game, with familiar voices from the films on the GP, why not take it? The fan of the universe is not necessary. It is enough that you just like peace and films.

Not worth it, I’m glad that I did not buy and put a pirate. The game causes some delight only in the first couple of hours, then everything is very monotonous. I would say that the game is very children’s.

Well, we are waiting: new interesting quests, large locations, smart NPS. And if the editor for modding would be adjusted, the game of platinum would leave.

It is a pity that there were no tasks in this game, but there were some unknown kzes!

For example, faculty glasses will also appear the meaning of most classes/characters/locations/events

And why are they? Well, that is, seriously, what is the meaning?

Okay it would be an online game, but there is little sense)

I remember how I went beyond the walls of Hogwarts and it seems interesting, something new. 20 minutes pass and I understand that this is all, there will be nothing new, one chewing gum.

It was already obvious. The first part was sold with a huge circulation.

Run to monoliths, ask them for a nonsense system, add Persians and voila. The game of the year

a dull game for the 2nd part ?No more we will not buy.

I completely agree, the least expected that they would make such a mediocrated, unprincipled and fresh game, also densely seasoned with the agenda. NPS – Bolovniks, there are no memorable characters, the quests are dull, the battles are boring, only Hogwarts made beautiful, and petov.

You are not right, there are too many fanatics of this game and this story, they swallowed the modern agenda, and the next part will be swallowed, and so on until the 3rd part, only then the people to eat, this canower! = ((

The game is good, I will wait for the continuation.

Well, there are locations in the delicacy, they drank new nonsense and new stories, here is a new game)

Daaa, this is not the assassin Creed for everyone who was bored with everyone, even in different eras and in different cities and countries the action took place, but here everything is ready, the canver can be launched, the people from fanaticism lost their heads and will be bought up to the 3rd part!

Well, I think they will drink some new loki new ones, and I will play the second with a high, I liked the first one

You won’t surprise anyone with a lock 2 times, now let them saw interesting characters, quests and at least some kind of waging, otherwise this was complete game

Well, the lock on the second part can be left, a little to finish which rooms are new and all. that is, the whole development to do what did not work out in the first part. And Kaifovo will come out

Yeah, there is little multiculturalism in the game, and LGBT characters, well, there is nothing to do all this by the release of the second part! =))

Few? Lol, just with excess, if English is understood, there is not only a trans-barley. But what does it have to do with it, in fact, if I wrote about other things?) Who hurts something)

Well, how do I know what characters you are interested in, maybe you like such as this trans-barman, and you would like more of them in the game! 😆😅🤪

"there is not only a trans-barman" – Listen, and where it is generally said that she is trance? Voice, yes, I agree – not female, but in the game itself where the infa? I do not justify, it’s just really that there are women with a voice like a soprano. Even when they do not sing, but they say – but they are not ships. Or is it all guesses?

The game is gorgeous! We are waiting for the 2nd

And DLC plan to release?

And the meaning in the DLC, if it is easier to make the second part of the already ready -made ascets, and sell it for the full cost!

As where, in the game, everyone barks on Inglish, even the Chinese, Hindus, and blacks from Zimbabwe!

Of course to be) only if the emphasis is not made on the tasks, then it makes no sense.

Of course there will be a sequel. The first part was gorgeous

He made a pre -order and did not regret a drop, played for 165 hours, although he expected a little more from the game than it turned out, I hope they will fix the jambs in the continuation, especially so that the students were more lively and at night were in rooms or in the hostel and not disappeared everything that is no matter There are only ghosts of one soul by school and so that you can communicate with students at least a little and that you can sit on benches, stools and so on, so that you can sit down and drink in three brooms)

Well, we are waiting for the continuation.

And someone doubted that Sicvel to be?

The game is cool and beautiful, but very boring (my personal opinion)

Well, at least still 2 games should be. After all, in HL we have only the 5th year of training. It will be the same, but a little more detail. They will also dilute the addition of the Quiddich, they can also solder the tournament of three wizards+ new locations (such as a oblique alley). so what. The game was sold excellent- you can rivet further while the suit is coming 🙂

I’ll not think the game will not sell so well on the hype or it will be necessary to part and the game better with the full 3D medium and the disposal so that when you open the door there on the street fog 3, it is worth it and the lighting is starting to the house and not the effect of the adventure that the lighting and weather is on the script. It switches and so that without lifting everything goes to the pitch, since the full 3D without circumcision is on the location.

She is still a top of sales, and even before the release for the old consoles, they reported that sales are more than 20 years. And also a switch in line.

In the game there was a novelty relatively large budget Igor with relative NOUGAMEZ and sales were higher than planned. Do not expect a repetition of such success, just making a sequel a little better.

It is not in know -how, novelty and other things, but in Potterian fans. There are very, very many of them, and almost everything is now in solvent age. The second part will be sold even better, even if it is worse than the first (which is unlikely), you can not even doubt

As already written off the case in fans. To understand that the money was paid not in vain enough and Hogwarts himself. Yes, the activity is monotonous and not just in Zelda, but even in some kind of Imorthal Phoenix, they are much better, but the networks and the world overlap everything. On the old consoles, she was also in the top1 at the time of exit, on Ninka in TOP1 will not, but still the cashier will gather a decent

In my opinion, Hogwarts Legashi already gave everything that the fans and people who were simply interested in could and that wanted to run the establishment and his environs without any restrictions on the poet will lose one third of the audience for my considerations and his only way to develop this games with a deeper plot and not a museum-at-cost that will create a problem or do all about the same, but 2 what will also create some problems. Perhaps the game 2 will even be able to sell a little pain of copies, but it will definitely not be as easy and unexpected success as the first part of sales since there may not be random players.
I myself am not a fan of the GP, therefore, it is quite difficult for me to evaluate what fans want, how many of them and are they attached to some characters and events of the ITP and where this Igor should develop.

Of course, the game is very weak, but, exclusively thanks to the fandom, I received tremendous sales, sin not to earn such easy money to earn money.

I am shocked by how successful this garbage has become and how many positive assessments were put to it. She has purely the first two hours is magnificent so that the fan of the drooling fan does not suspect anything bad. From the positive magnificent Hogwarts, peppy fighting and normal reptimization. Otherwise, the wretched Maine-Suet, disgusting sides, cardboard characters, a huge and meaningless open world, wild casuality of everything and everything, a bunch of unnecessary elements, a pure tinsel for the look-out of the eyes from the meaninglessness of what is happening. This is the most ordinary Joba-game in the most playful sense of the word.

You are not a navel of the universe friend, not everyone thinks like you, but you think narrowly apparently. Even before the release of the game, she found a huge fanbase in the form of small Harry Potter and most of them wrote literally: "Even if the game turns out to be feces, it will just be cool to walk along Hogwarts", On such everywhere you could stumble, under any video, under any post. That is, from the game, initially no one was expecting a magnificent plot, super-hard-sulslaik gameplay and t.D.. The outfits did not boast of this, all that they boasted – the Hogwarts castle itself, it seemed the most at the presentations, it was generally the best part of the game.

Optimization there is disgusting

everything is so, still the summons shoved into this fresh feces

And what to do, now many games on Anrian Enzhin, without optimization!

People sucked feces in the form of the first part, so you can not hope for a normal game.

The drain of the first part was in 18. Let’s say it was done a year. 6 years have passed before the release.

And then we will receive sequels every year, as bosses of the farner need money. Of all, everyone knows

Every year? Hogwarts 2 comes out in February it turns out if your words are true? Okay, let’s check soon)

Wat? Rumors about her were long before the drain of gameplay in 2018. She is clearly already at that time for a couple of years, as they did.

Therefore, I completed minus one year from the drain😐

But as you think the sequel will go out once a year if the original was done for about 6-7 years? 🤔

Stream: we burst into the beta test The first descendant

Korean MMOs have long become the name of a household. Asian players (and developers) have a very specific view of the gameplay and visual style. It’s interesting to see how Nexon sees the genre of cooperative luter-shutters.

Tonight with four legs we burst into the open, cross -platform open Beta The First Descendant! We did not find the character with a dozen sliders for settings for the settings of the sorcerer’s sorcerer, but the gameplay. Better to see everything with your own eyes!

We will start broadcasting today at 17:00. We evaluate the in -game store, the depth of the neckline of female characters and the dynamics of gameplay. Connect to us on the YouTube, VK and Twitch platforms!

The main line of quests has passed, the quests are monotonous, lvl design is scarce, enemies under a carbon car, only extraordinary changes, the shooting is not bad. The main plot turned out to be short, perhaps this is the cost of a beta test. Interesting pumping in a row.

Typical Grindel, someone will come in, someone does not.

In Grindil, the main thing is that the process of the grind itself is interesting.

Well, this part is more dull if you passed these zones. Now there are not many options further, you go to 2 types of special operations to knock out special containers – and then the bosses, here are the bosses there completely went, especially with "Hard version 40+ lvl", Even if you take the latter on the normal – it is difficult to pass it with random fellow travelers (unless you do not swing very much), you need to take certain resistance, there are still versions of mods for immune poisoning, it is also worth. Something reminded of Wow – you do not know the mechanic or ignore them – it will turn out bad.. Hard boss generally makes such a chip – almost throughout the zone it covers the area with a dome, and it has great damage with ice and freezing, apparently it is worth attacking it exclusively from afar, he demolished all the Chinese at a time._)

Well, here at least female models are pleasant, there is something to see)

I would not compare with warframe, in terms of fights for example – here I see, they shoot.

But in Varfa you do not need to aim, the main thing is to get an ao-gun and score it correctly. Or you can just chop everyone with a weapon.

Although, since I am not aiming, I hope in this game you can have something similar Aoeh.

It will be available through GFN?

The game is essentially 80% licked with Warframe, only after the main quest (if this is the full version in Beta) I don’t want to do anything further, especially who plays/played in the same Warframe.

I was reminded by the mixture of Warframe + Dustist

I got a character to the 36th level, the further the stronger, but the sweat is not even in the complexity of the battle with the enemies, but in the fact that I ended during the battle all types of cartridges (they stopped crumbling from enemies), as well as mana. And my character became absolutely helpless!

Thanks to the guys stream was great. Sorry beta, I didn’t go further than the prologue.

How to change the nickname

Why is there no English language? They also encourage us?

The game of course fierce slag)

Immediately after you allocate the resources for this, I will immediately start)

Oh, another "Knead later criticize"

Oh, the next "my all -time opinion is a priori constant". If you, or the person do not like something above, this is not = slag. For example, there are a lot of people love GTA, but I’m not, and cho? According to your logic game ug? No, of course, I understand this, I accept and do not throw on the fan. And the comrade is higher than the stupid Hateer – he was so pleased and satisfied

The farmer is a dermal in a word. SAMS on Destiny 2 + Warframe, but less dynamic, ax and plot does not catch. Well, what else to expect from Korean online games))

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The network compared in detail the physics and gameplay Assassin’s Creed Mirage with the very first Assassin’s Creed

Recently, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which received a high rating for the return to the origins of the Assassin’s Creed series, appeared on sale. received from some media and gamers a high appreciation for returning to the origins of a series of games.

But since both games are two basic parts of the franchise, a reasonable question begs: which one is better – Assassin’s Creed 1 or Assassin’s Creed: Mirage? And in order to somehow help find the answer to this question, on the Gamebest YouTube channel prepared a special comparative video.

The video discusses in detail the differences between the two games in terms of detail, physics and gameplay. In most of their reviews, gamers greatly evaluate the quality of Assassin’s Creed 1.

In some respects, the first Assassin’s Creed still meets modern standards. Its advantages consist in such aspects as a jump of faith, parkour, plot, characters, smooth animation and fabric physics, which were revolutionary in 2007 and still look very dignified even in comparison with a number of more modern games.

The first Assassin’s Creed was released in 2007, the latter – Assassin’s Creed Mirage – October 5, 2023.

Altair even moves like a predator, visible skill and threat. Basim is just a merchant, the movements are sluggish.

Yes, FIG knows.

The first seconds of the video, the hero on the right (Altair) goes as if not for who, in the collapse. Shoulders back, hips from side to side. Yes, he really moves as a character of a comedy, with Ben Stiller (in the video below), and not a prepared killer.

But already on the left (bassim) as if slightly glued forward, confident gait. It is felt that he can attack at any moment.

Yes, Altair moves like a predator, as an exemplary predator.

But Basim knows how to swim.

Well, the games of the 2000s again show the class against modern Gamdev?)

In the 2000s, few people had the Internet and game competition with weak PCs rely on an interesting plot

In general, yes))) Here is the whole main problem of the assassins is that after the second part (it is not the best representative), people without taste developed gamedes, which can not be said about the rest, graphics, music, and so on. Assassin was super cool when he had blurred a role -playing component, when she clearly began to display in his forehead, the whole game went along the curve path. Like all other games to which the anniversary has received a license by the type of Farcara and TD.

I don’t know how everyone, but AC, AC: 2, ACB was to kill mm, beautiful. I felt that with your skill, the skill of the character is growing. Plus, there were feelings of a predator and sacrifice and before each murder you thought strategically, because one slightest miscalculation led to horseradish synchronization. The plus of the filling of the world in previous parts was many times more interesting, as well as the reactions to the actions of the assassin. But damn how beautiful and dangerous the killings in the first assassin look like. And I liked this proximity to a person, not a superhero.

The murders were beautiful, but for this it was necessary to stand and press the parry, one button to win))

And how are the hidden killings are made) the sky and the earth are simply. In the new part, it is even clear that when the girth of the mouth goes, the chitbox of modeling is wildly sticking out, so the hand does not touch the mouth from the word at all, unlike the same first part.

This was done specifically at the production stage, as the leadership decided that the game turned out to be too complicated and not in vain, given that most even the basic movements that are taught in the arena are not able to do, not to mention hidden movements and capabilities.

And the video to AC Revelation is worth it! Goosebumps.

What is especially interesting, the enemies in the first part after a mortal wound did not lie like dolls, but writhed on the ground.

The developers shouted – they return to the origins. What we meant by this.

-Well -developed characters, plot, atmosphere, living open world, plot twists, minimaliz and less fabulous from most of the close to realism, well, everything is in this spirit.

What I saw ? – The characters of the oak and do not care about them (there are no even famous personalities of that time than the game of the series was famous for), the plot is stupid to the devils, it does not smell like the atmosphere there (it was possible to make it even small, but to saturate it with details ) what the hell are there, if we already know what will happen and this is in fact before history (except that the man is a hero of Kobluk and Black Black Black Black Black Teach). Well, in the fairy tale, they played out like that = again the next teleport of the murder (ala Talion from Mordor), again some Umba Yubmba bomb (who enraged everyone, they get them again) and understand the hell to make the smoke red, some fabulous explosive . daggers or corrosion (which turn the body into sand), mine (this is generally rzhach), which explodes with the detonator (by the hero’s whistle). it’s just some kind of cringe. The hero again, the same Master Parsuru, who clings to everything (except for air), the bots were stupid and they remained with them.

In short, I don’t know what return to the origins there was, but the fact that I saw this, with all my desire, can not be called a separate game, stupidly ADDON (if someone else remembers such a word) and all-up. And if there is a comparison with a product of 16 years ago, then this is at least stupidity. Compare another smartphone and button phone on Java. With all this, the old game looked great for his years and I do not remember a single scandal with a digging to the game (except that it was stolen and leaked ahead of time, but then another).

So this is the addon to Walgalla, which they decided to sell as a separate game.) And regarding the comparison in the video, you also need to remember that the first game was conceived as a quite small stealth adventure and a mirage is the last part of one of the largest franchises. At the same time, the first part looks quite good and now. Of course there is a difference, but a pancake between games 16 years has passed. The plot and the Persians in the Mirage of course are still shit.

The first part was conceived as a game about Prince Persia, nooo eccentric (who is the owner of his rights to him) began to bully, after which the game gradually flowed into a new franchise (ala the situation with DMK, when the 4th part was supposed to appear, and such a character appeared as a character as there was a character. Leon, still business).

Well, yes. I’m more about the fact that the anniversary did not make a large bet on it until the first shows, when everyone really liked what they saw. They were still surprised that the game took 5 million copies. And the anniversary ran to rivet the sequels every year, because they thought that the series would die quickly, but it turned out how it turned out.

Well -developed characters, plot, atmosphere, living open world, plot twists, minimaliz and less fabulous from most of the close to realism, well, everything is in this spirit.

But in the first Assassin, which, as it were, are the source, there is no living open world and powerful plot twists, and even more so no approach to realism. The same applies to the entire trilogy in fact. All this was not at the source.

Therefore, it is very strange to hear what you meant from returning to the origins of those things that in the origins in the entire first trilogy have never been.

A living open world, say, well, in what place did you see there at the origins? In their fantasies? Even in Valgalla the open world is many times more live than in the first assassins. Well, a mirage is even better than the origins.

In the second assassin, the world was quite good.

The first part is cool in everything except the stuffy gameplay, which was reduced by 10 o’clock “eavesdropped – trace – kill”. And no variety at all. But then even this came in, everything was forgiven when it was possible to park it like that)

For some reason, the question begs.

And it’s all? For 16 years of progress..

Lol, the first ace still looks better in physics animations. Mirage is another hack

In the first part, the best parkour, IMHO. Realism is felt

As for me, the first looks good.

Nostalgia is straight along the edge, for 2007 Assassin’s Creed was a very different game, played more than once and passed, hidden murders + the opening of the new weapons and the plot was also very cool, which could only be overwhelmed Ezio).

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the right heir but with a strong delay and a little more fantastic movements of the GG himself, which is already a little in the style of the original as a whole, which is more from the new series, we loved the 1st and 2nd part not mysticism and science fiction during the game, but for more reality and a great plot and the opportunity to develop.

But in any case, I hope Assassin’s Creed Mirage will justify the expectation of both old and new fans, personally, I have not passed to the end after the story of Ezio, I threw all these parts on the floor, although all except Valgali are bought.

Only one thing has become clear to me on the video for nearly 20 years..

How not to twist.. The first game is still good. Or maybe even better some of the modern parts of the assassin

The basic mechanics are much better, there are no more games with a sieve puppet that gives such control control, now it is a regular nonsense with rifts, crooked animations, and so on.

Fig knows him too. The last assassins among the anniversaries, it seems to be tolerable and beautiful, the world is detailed, well painted. But somehow it looks fresh. Souls are not felt, and when you begin to peer into some places in the NPS, you just see a mass of statists. Although it is understandable since it is necessary to show the scale of the cities. And if you draw everyone right as a person, then there will not be enough time and resources of the game console or PC. But still this false under the beautiful effects is felt. Remembering the 2nd part and additions, and even the 3rd. (about the 4th I don’t know I was not interesting for me, I missed it, I missed it). Then there was all more sincerly all this and well, I don’t know all the same more efforts were invested. And here you see, they replaced total developers by replacing it with new. Among them there are and are certainly good artists, designers, modeliers. But they do not fully work out games. Therefore, there are a lot of critics on the open world from Jubisoft. where the stupidly chaotic structure of the world, a bunch of activities and often extra. The world seems beautiful, but in fact it is dead for there is no integration with it, all kinds of activities in cities. Just give micro tasks to bring, kill 10 pigeons, make a tower and so on. And then it also increased, if you want to go through the plot task. DOINT UND 40 lvl, oh yes, you are only 15. Well, if you don’t want to take accelerated pumping. That’s the whole meaning of the anniversary. They need to change the core, leadership, and motivated people. Then they will begin to make good games again. And do not chase the trends barely jumping into the last car.

No, they are already living out their century. Time of new studios, a new approach to development

And the new studios will serve old products under Noevy packaging, because the time of noobs has long come, no one wants to do something, everyone wants to be in Denyuzhka at once

Yes. The guys of time for sure did not lose all these 16 years. 🤦

The most interesting thing is that in 16 years there is no such difference in the schedule and animation, so that the requirements grow literally several times, and some animations are so better even in the 1st part

I remember then I had 8800GT at 512MB, current analogues (4070-4070TI) once 10-20 more powerful than the old brothers, and the graphone was almost not brought, but then we apparently already rest on the possibilities of the possibility

Atomic Heart began in VK Play

The sale began in VK Play Atomic Heart. The action from the Mundfish studio is sold at a 34% discount – for 1649 rubles.

The platform also reduced the price of the Golden and Premium publication. The first can be bought for 1919 rubles, and the second – for 2159 rubles. Both versions include all four future additions to the game.

On July 26, the developers announced the release date of the first DLC to Atomic Heart – “Instinct of extermination”. The addition will be released on August 2, 2023 on RS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. PC version will be sold exclusively on VK Play.

Pinets Sale))) Up to 600 rubles would be lowered – this is then the sale. )

Go work! or come back in the 90s, there all the ineves of 100r were worth buying at once 6.

Maybe in a year 50% discount will be when all DLCs will be released.

Why would he return in the 90s when and now any game can be bought for 100r ? I bought offline activation for a hundred and play, and now you don’t need to get up from the sofa.

You can take it for free right now, so you don’t need to go anywhere

34% discount is not small. The sale is drawn.
UPD: I don’t understand. For many, the game is the top, the price itself is like several years ago, and still a half a pity to give. Sit, minus)))))))))))

A month ago I bought at a discount and here again discounts. So we are waiting for the first addition.

The same comments every time and everywhere. A couple of pizza from delivery to gobble up for a sweet soul, but not to pay for the game. Why buy a game in which you can play a few tens of hours. Better to eat a couple of times and poke a couple of times.

Lol) Why give money for what you can safely take for free?) Moreover, the outfits actively led a monetary policy, and with their actions and decisions, they made it clear that for them in the first place profit, rather than the comfort and convenience of the players. And you propose to play along with such a direction?

People love money (figure out). I understand with a hut on activist for their anime skins of 20 bucks in Kalda, given that the game is broken g*VNO which is still only broken from the release, but what is the problem of buying a normal game? Well this is not a force for 5 thousand. The game is quite worth its grandmothers, what is the problem in this case to support the ruble a good game? I do not condemn piracy, I was happy to have a dead Iland 2 recently, but you say so as those who buy games – suckers. Strange some kind of position. And what is the discomfort by the way in this case? Again the story with VK-Tyi? If not, then? Patchili in a timely manner, added new features to the game, the first DLC from the 4s came out as it turned out to be real plot DLCs, and not the skin on the panties and this is still not enough? Far Cry 6 on the release cost more than 4 tons of a full edition and that we received? All the same skin store and horned skeletons without a plot on beautiful cards. Here for 2 tons several times a quarter, they make it possible to buy a full edition. It is still very expensive? I myself am an egoist to the bones and I would also love money, the productivity of your work often depends on them, so it is strange to pose a monetary question with such an edge and think that today it is abnormal. No one will do and support the game for the sake of a community for free. Unless this is the start itself and you are at all from nowhere and obvious reasons to pay for your first game at all.

N so pizza will bring pleasure and you won’t be hungry, but what a piece of code will feed you ?

Money doesn’t decide everything

Well, there is an option to open a refrigerator, and there OP and a pair of three eggs lies and a good varik does not spend a cshik and eat eggs.

And you are starving? Just so acutely put the question that if you don’t eat your favorite nishtyakov a couple of times and miss half an hour of pleasure from pizza consumption, replacing it with fried eggs, which you will have to do it yourself, you can buy a game in which you will ride more than once.

But this is all the exaggeration on the images, it just seemed to me that this is a logical comparison. And about money, this is also a generalization, t.To. Money decides very much. But not all. Yes.

Brian Fargo from Inxile Entertainment talked about work in the framework of Xbox, Clockwork Revolution and Artificial Intelligence

The head of the Inxile Entertainment studio Brian Fargo took part in The Fourth Curtain Podcast to tell about his history in the game industry, how everything has changed under the control of Microsoft, and the new game in the development of ClockWork Revolution. Speaking about many years of work of an independent team, Fargo clearly understands that she often experienced financial stress.

Constant running and panic, pistol to the head. I came to the office and saw how people laugh, drink coffee and spend time well, and I thought: “Once, I hope I could become as carefree as they“, He says, adding that since Inxile Entertainment has become part of the Xbox Game Studios in 2018, his efforts are now focused on”creative aspects»Business, and what he likes to participate in designer meetings.

Fargo also indicates that these creative decisions are still completely made by the studio, stating that “There is no micro -management at all here. [Microsoft] bought us because they trust us“.

Announced during the Xbox presentation in 2023, Clockwork Revolution is described as the first game of the AAA-class from Inxile, as well as the first game fully designed as part of the Xbox Game Studios. The game is a first-person RPG, the action of which takes place in a steampunk-city called Avalon, where the player discovers the opportunity to travel forward and back in time, observing how his solutions are realized after years. Clockwork Revolution currently has no release date.

Fargo says that the studio wants to emphasize “reactivity“, Citing an example of an ethical dilemma, when a player can go into the past to stop the serial killer, only to understand that this character was not a murderer in the past. Time travel can also cause more funny reactions, for example, transferring a specific hat to the past or the beginning of a fashion trend.

Speaking about the topic of AI, Fargo is careful in his words, saying that “for AI” for different people means different things. The head of the studio says that game developers can and must find ethical methods of using AI, for example, getting rid of labor -intensive work to view movements seizure data. However, Fargo rejects the idea of ​​simple use in the game of something created by AI, stating that the team is not going to use tools such as Midjourney, to create something and introduce this into the game.

I see in this benefit in many respects, but people are very attentive to this, so I have to answer carefully, without creating a wrong impression that it is acceptable“, He says, adding that” not convinced “that AI has in writing or creating NPC.

Microsoft recently announced partnership with INWORLD, investing in tools for developing games with artificial intelligence to create quest lines, stories and worlds.

The release of the plot DLC for Lust Theory 2 took place

Inceton Games Games developers have finally released the expected DLC for their popular and well-known NSFW game Lust Theory 2. The addition is called "Beach Day" And he will transfer your hero to a sultry, sunny beach, where you will have fun and rest with all girls in every sense.

The addition brings a few more hours of the gameplay, new realistic animations, full -fledged sounds of the environment and much more. The full -fledged voice acting of all characters in the game itself will be released later this year, at the moment approximately 85% of the original game is announced.

Below are the screenshots of the emerging additions:

DLC can be downloaded in Steam and GOG for free for all owners of the original game. The English language in the second part at this time is officially absent, there is a hope for its addition, along with the release of the impending voice acting.

On the contrary: hand under the table!

The game of the year, definitely! ))) This is of course not Larry with his thick trolling modernity, but ordinary adventure.

Why are games for drochers such? Because they are made with one hand!

But still it is better than Drogov in the open world.

you made my day)))))

unlike the gazebo, they use at least one hand

The picture is not correct, "working" the hand is usually the left, and hold the right mouse.

I don’t know, I like to play for girls in such games.
How "History of the Marias" or "Wife and mother". Maybe some more "Fashion Buzines" – After the 2nd season it makes no sense to play.

Do I feel like a girl? It seems not. What if it’s subconscious. I liked the girls all my life. Maybe I’m some kind of hidden trance. So many questions. And few answers.

If you like girls, this is good, then you are lesbians) there are more questions for those who like guys.

As if Vatson Sir Holmes said..- You just look at the story as a movie and manage the character of the film, roughly speaking. And someone is sure to associate himself with GG.
Karoch can be played in different ways.. And both paths are the lords.
All.. My name is, I have to go.

If only you are completely "I immerse yourself in the game"
manage a virtual character as a girl as a doll, and feel like a girl in life is completely different in no way connected Westchi

I don’t know what psychologists say on this topic, but if you want to play for a girl and only play a lesbian path, then I think there is nothing terrible in this)

You haven’t decided yet? You don’t pull it with this case.

The game is not bad and the girls are pleasant

Say nice to look at beautiful female characters? And not all that.

stop trying to masturbate on everything

Thanks, but my wife will be brought up without everything

Then why do you need a beautiful woman in the retiturnal?) She is there for other purposes.

And what others are forbidden to admire?)))

Here the campaign is one hand on the mouse and the other under the table, but in the end you play both)

Renpy engine is many times better for games of this type

with relistical graphics and appropriate animations of KAT scenes? No, anime separately, realism separately. For each his own, but Lust Theory will lose a lot as for me

Straight itching in the palms of such news.

So as a result, the second part of the game is completed completely or episodes will be released? And the game itself is finished or will be released more seasons? I at one time accidentally stumbled up for the first season, which by that time was ready and Russified, played and remained impressed, but wait for the weather by the sea, while an update is released on the season number two in a year. I decided to wait for a full release and rely the whole game.

In general, in this genre, the theme of the NF is very rare, but always (it is always!) Shoots perfectly! I have not yet met a game that would include the topic "Surka day" or "failure in time" And it would not have turned out interesting. I mean, in this case, it is this genre niche, of course. And such games from memory I can remember three things, including this. But I won’t call the name, they are too intricate.

Formally, completed. But at the end they write, they say our hero will return in the Terts of the season, so xs. But the ending, crap is complete.

And at the expense of Beingadik is not a cloth? otherwise I went through the 2nd episode set 3 there as a result stupidly 1 chapter and everything is like everything.

FIG knows, I also played the third season when there were figs and nifiga, the Season 3 Ver hangs on the slippers. 0.9.1, if I understood correctly, I was updated on January 7 this year. I will already wait for when it comes out completely, although I will most likely grow old when it will happen.

Spsibo for the info, well, there is 3 season, this is stupidly completion of season 2 when you need to arrange a Halloween party

My pleasure. I don’t remember what was there, I played for a long time.

Of course I will play it. But the crisis in the industry is visible not with an armed eye

Well, if all such games were made by Yyndi Studios, then everything is ok

The plot is very interesting for this genre of games))

Why do you need a Russifier in the game, where you don’t hear what the girl tells you?

Yes. xs as the second, but in the first the plot, although banal, but it was interesting how it would end

Valheim received a patch 0.217.14 with new content and improvements

Iron Gate released patch 0.217.14 for Valheim, which adds new content to the game, and opened a complete list of changes. According to the developers, this last update has added a new NPC – merchant Hilder. Moreover, new locations, new objects, new hairstyles and beards, as well as modifiers of the world and two new extensions for crafting were added to the game.

Using the server modifiers, players can choose a lower difficulty for a more relaxed passage, increase it for more hardcore passage or come up with their own combination. In addition to the total complexity, you will find settings for portals, resources, raids and much more so that you can configure your experience to your taste.

New content:

  • New NPC: Hilder merchant.
  • New Location: Camp Hildir.
  • New Location: Breaking Tomb (Classic Dungeon).
  • New location: howling cave (classic dungeon).
  • New Location: a sealed tower (open dungeon).
  • 3 new mini-bosses
  • A button of the world modifiers button with many configuration/complexity options is added to the game launch screen (select a pre -installation or create your own).
  • Added 8 different fireworks (including thunder stone and black core thrown into the fire)
  • New subject: Bengal fire
  • New clothing: 10 hats and shawls.
  • New clothes: 14 dresses and tunic.
  • Expansion for black forge: a vice (possibly an increase to level 3)
  • Expansion of the magic table: unlucky candles (possibly update to level 3)
  • New material: hairdresser.
  • New furniture: hairdresser.
  • New Material: Iron Pit.
  • New furniture: Kostryche.
  • 8 new hairstyles
  • 5 new beards
  • 4 new music tracks

As always, Steam will download a patch 0.217.14 for Valheim the next time his client is launched. You can find a complete list of changes in the link.

Shattehed Space, the first DLC for Starfield, can be presented on The Game Awards

Despite the fact that Steam is actively criticizing the last Bethesda game, the studio continues to work on Starfield, using players’ reviews as the main tool for changes. In fact, the studio is already preparing a new update, which should correct many errors and add several interesting elements.

The beta version of the update 1 has already been published in Steam.8.87, but there is no official information about the release date of the final version yet, since the idea is that the players themselves evaluate the corrections and allowed the developers to finalize what may be wrong. According to existing information, the changes relate to certain problems with navigation in space and the disappearance of objects during the restart of the advance.

In addition to corrections, there is also Shattered Space, DLC to the game that was announced before Starfield release. However, despite such an early announcement, very little is known about the expansion, if nothing is not said, but on The Game Awards we may get a brief idea of ​​its content.

Judging by the leak, the Xbox prepared at least the DLC teaser, which can be shown at the event, which would be very useful, even despite the fact that the game was not nominated for GOTY without a clear explanation of the reasons.

About how true this hearing turned out to be, we will learn in the next few hours.

If I had Todd Howard, hired security, went on stage and announced DLS with another thousand planets that can be explored, new minerals that can be mined and new animals of which can be hidden

And I would announce the DLC, which turns off the loading screens and the world at the same time becomes seamless and still +25% to FPS as a gift would put. Vanguyu, they would disassemble with a bang. This would become a precedent and all other companies adopted that "Optimization" You can sell separately. I would go down in history as a super marketer. Then he would have introduced paid patches.

And then he woke up in a fool 😁

Ish what Napoleonic plans, a seamless world in the Games of Beefzda, if you made this a team of developers would have to be driven with cloth rags

The game is mediocre feces and this is a completely intelligible reason

Here in the DLS game will be revealed. The main thing is to buy.

And don’t forget to update the computer.

It happens that the computer needs to be updated. GTX 980 Rebels of the past, he went with this card for 7 years, now she has a place in museums

Now I already have 4070, I forgot to update the PG, well, do not care) and if that, 980 is not so bad even now. At 980 I passed RDR2 and even cyberpunk, DL2 and quite comfortable.

The game after DLS will be revealed

And immediately closes

Add an output to outer space?

And he is there, then this is the cosmos?

They can add to the window 😄

So to speak one little step for a person and a huge step for humanity. Then they can already add to space

This will be added in the second DLS 🙂

They will add capshole only before you go into space you will need to learn to do this for 33th passages

Cosmos is an almost absolute emptiness. The gazebo will swear.

This game will not save even DLC.

AND WHAT? What is Starfield? I have already forgotten, this is some kind of indie game about space?

What other DLC? The problems of the game will be eliminated when they will? Never?

What problems do you need to eliminate?

Graphone, animation, optimization. Although I have no problem with the latter, but this does not mean that optimization in the game is mildly suffering. And this is not to mention the mainly flat quests

In this game, normal graphics, the animations are quite ordinary, updated optimization with new patches, the quests in this game are good, the largest of them pass in 20-30 hours.

Animations are outdated, 8 years old. This cannot be denied. They are unusual, they are outdated for such a game, and this is in vain that such a focus on faces is made in this game. Quests here are good only some. Most of the frank slag like kill \ bring. Yes, many games are even good to cripple, only in this game even the main quests are as flat as sideways! These are stupidly filler quests as filler series there are a lot of them. 70-80 percent! This is a frankly ancient and wretched tradition from the time of Daggerfol for a game of this level. And then it was a backwater.
Graphics in the game, no. This is the problem, it has no balance. There are things that needed details and there are a bunch of things in which are excessive or vice versa insufficient.

Inspired by jokes about Starfield, many of which, alas, are not jokes.

The gazebo announces the new DLC, which will make many changes:

– To complicate the game and deep immersion in the game. the game, now it is not revealed after 100, but at least after 300 hours (but this is inaccurately, it may take much more time);

– In space, another 1000 procedures for generated planets will be added, on which there will be even fewer activities – so that the player feels the whole void of space on himself.

– For long -standing fans of our loading screens, we will increase their frequency of appearance. Now, even immediately before each dialogue with the NPS, you can see the loading screen, which will be better to prepare for communication with the NPS (however, players may not worry, the player’s replica will not be the influence of the player’s replica, Starfield is not about this, Starfield is a full -fledged RPG)

– Innovative approach to the plot. Now the player at the beginning of the DLC will have access to the terminal, which will send him to the section "plot mods" On Nexus. The scriptwriters decided not to limit the player to his own vision of the plot and therefore the player will choose all the plots to himself – and even more so, generally abandon the plot. In the basic version of the DLC, 1 slot for the plot mod will be available, in the expanded – 2 and in the premium – 3. The player will be able to buy slots for installing plot mods.

– The economy will be finalized taking into account the desires of the players. If the player in the game does not have enough money to buy, and the player did not like the interesting grind in the game, the missing means can be automatically written off from the player’s bank account.