The network compared in detail the physics and gameplay Assassin’s Creed Mirage with the very first Assassin’s Creed

Recently, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which received a high rating for the return to the origins of the Assassin’s Creed series, appeared on sale. received from some media and gamers a high appreciation for returning to the origins of a series of games.

But since both games are two basic parts of the franchise, a reasonable question begs: which one is better – Assassin’s Creed 1 or Assassin’s Creed: Mirage? And in order to somehow help find the answer to this question, on the Gamebest YouTube channel prepared a special comparative video.

The video discusses in detail the differences between the two games in terms of detail, physics and gameplay. In most of their reviews, gamers greatly evaluate the quality of Assassin’s Creed 1.

In some respects, the first Assassin’s Creed still meets modern standards. Its advantages consist in such aspects as a jump of faith, parkour, plot, characters, smooth animation and fabric physics, which were revolutionary in 2007 and still look very dignified even in comparison with a number of more modern games.

The first Assassin’s Creed was released in 2007, the latter – Assassin’s Creed Mirage – October 5, 2023.

Altair even moves like a predator, visible skill and threat. Basim is just a merchant, the movements are sluggish.

Yes, FIG knows.

The first seconds of the video, the hero on the right (Altair) goes as if not for who, in the collapse. Shoulders back, hips from side to side. Yes, he really moves as a character of a comedy, with Ben Stiller (in the video below), and not a prepared killer.

But already on the left (bassim) as if slightly glued forward, confident gait. It is felt that he can attack at any moment.

Yes, Altair moves like a predator, as an exemplary predator.

But Basim knows how to swim.

Well, the games of the 2000s again show the class against modern Gamdev?)

In the 2000s, few people had the Internet and game competition with weak PCs rely on an interesting plot

In general, yes))) Here is the whole main problem of the assassins is that after the second part (it is not the best representative), people without taste developed gamedes, which can not be said about the rest, graphics, music, and so on. Assassin was super cool when he had blurred a role -playing component, when she clearly began to display in his forehead, the whole game went along the curve path. Like all other games to which the anniversary has received a license by the type of Farcara and TD.

I don’t know how everyone, but AC, AC: 2, ACB was to kill mm, beautiful. I felt that with your skill, the skill of the character is growing. Plus, there were feelings of a predator and sacrifice and before each murder you thought strategically, because one slightest miscalculation led to horseradish synchronization. The plus of the filling of the world in previous parts was many times more interesting, as well as the reactions to the actions of the assassin. But damn how beautiful and dangerous the killings in the first assassin look like. And I liked this proximity to a person, not a superhero.

The murders were beautiful, but for this it was necessary to stand and press the parry, one button to win))

And how are the hidden killings are made) the sky and the earth are simply. In the new part, it is even clear that when the girth of the mouth goes, the chitbox of modeling is wildly sticking out, so the hand does not touch the mouth from the word at all, unlike the same first part.

This was done specifically at the production stage, as the leadership decided that the game turned out to be too complicated and not in vain, given that most even the basic movements that are taught in the arena are not able to do, not to mention hidden movements and capabilities.

And the video to AC Revelation is worth it! Goosebumps.

What is especially interesting, the enemies in the first part after a mortal wound did not lie like dolls, but writhed on the ground.

The developers shouted – they return to the origins. What we meant by this.

-Well -developed characters, plot, atmosphere, living open world, plot twists, minimaliz and less fabulous from most of the close to realism, well, everything is in this spirit.

What I saw ? – The characters of the oak and do not care about them (there are no even famous personalities of that time than the game of the series was famous for), the plot is stupid to the devils, it does not smell like the atmosphere there (it was possible to make it even small, but to saturate it with details ) what the hell are there, if we already know what will happen and this is in fact before history (except that the man is a hero of Kobluk and Black Black Black Black Black Teach). Well, in the fairy tale, they played out like that = again the next teleport of the murder (ala Talion from Mordor), again some Umba Yubmba bomb (who enraged everyone, they get them again) and understand the hell to make the smoke red, some fabulous explosive . daggers or corrosion (which turn the body into sand), mine (this is generally rzhach), which explodes with the detonator (by the hero’s whistle). it’s just some kind of cringe. The hero again, the same Master Parsuru, who clings to everything (except for air), the bots were stupid and they remained with them.

In short, I don’t know what return to the origins there was, but the fact that I saw this, with all my desire, can not be called a separate game, stupidly ADDON (if someone else remembers such a word) and all-up. And if there is a comparison with a product of 16 years ago, then this is at least stupidity. Compare another smartphone and button phone on Java. With all this, the old game looked great for his years and I do not remember a single scandal with a digging to the game (except that it was stolen and leaked ahead of time, but then another).

So this is the addon to Walgalla, which they decided to sell as a separate game.) And regarding the comparison in the video, you also need to remember that the first game was conceived as a quite small stealth adventure and a mirage is the last part of one of the largest franchises. At the same time, the first part looks quite good and now. Of course there is a difference, but a pancake between games 16 years has passed. The plot and the Persians in the Mirage of course are still shit.

The first part was conceived as a game about Prince Persia, nooo eccentric (who is the owner of his rights to him) began to bully, after which the game gradually flowed into a new franchise (ala the situation with DMK, when the 4th part was supposed to appear, and such a character appeared as a character as there was a character. Leon, still business).

Well, yes. I’m more about the fact that the anniversary did not make a large bet on it until the first shows, when everyone really liked what they saw. They were still surprised that the game took 5 million copies. And the anniversary ran to rivet the sequels every year, because they thought that the series would die quickly, but it turned out how it turned out.

Well -developed characters, plot, atmosphere, living open world, plot twists, minimaliz and less fabulous from most of the close to realism, well, everything is in this spirit.

But in the first Assassin, which, as it were, are the source, there is no living open world and powerful plot twists, and even more so no approach to realism. The same applies to the entire trilogy in fact. All this was not at the source.

Therefore, it is very strange to hear what you meant from returning to the origins of those things that in the origins in the entire first trilogy have never been.

A living open world, say, well, in what place did you see there at the origins? In their fantasies? Even in Valgalla the open world is many times more live than in the first assassins. Well, a mirage is even better than the origins.

In the second assassin, the world was quite good.

The first part is cool in everything except the stuffy gameplay, which was reduced by 10 o’clock “eavesdropped – trace – kill”. And no variety at all. But then even this came in, everything was forgiven when it was possible to park it like that)

For some reason, the question begs.

And it’s all? For 16 years of progress..

Lol, the first ace still looks better in physics animations. Mirage is another hack

In the first part, the best parkour, IMHO. Realism is felt

As for me, the first looks good.

Nostalgia is straight along the edge, for 2007 Assassin’s Creed was a very different game, played more than once and passed, hidden murders + the opening of the new weapons and the plot was also very cool, which could only be overwhelmed Ezio).

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the right heir but with a strong delay and a little more fantastic movements of the GG himself, which is already a little in the style of the original as a whole, which is more from the new series, we loved the 1st and 2nd part not mysticism and science fiction during the game, but for more reality and a great plot and the opportunity to develop.

But in any case, I hope Assassin’s Creed Mirage will justify the expectation of both old and new fans, personally, I have not passed to the end after the story of Ezio, I threw all these parts on the floor, although all except Valgali are bought.

Only one thing has become clear to me on the video for nearly 20 years..

How not to twist.. The first game is still good. Or maybe even better some of the modern parts of the assassin

The basic mechanics are much better, there are no more games with a sieve puppet that gives such control control, now it is a regular nonsense with rifts, crooked animations, and so on.

Fig knows him too. The last assassins among the anniversaries, it seems to be tolerable and beautiful, the world is detailed, well painted. But somehow it looks fresh. Souls are not felt, and when you begin to peer into some places in the NPS, you just see a mass of statists. Although it is understandable since it is necessary to show the scale of the cities. And if you draw everyone right as a person, then there will not be enough time and resources of the game console or PC. But still this false under the beautiful effects is felt. Remembering the 2nd part and additions, and even the 3rd. (about the 4th I don’t know I was not interesting for me, I missed it, I missed it). Then there was all more sincerly all this and well, I don’t know all the same more efforts were invested. And here you see, they replaced total developers by replacing it with new. Among them there are and are certainly good artists, designers, modeliers. But they do not fully work out games. Therefore, there are a lot of critics on the open world from Jubisoft. where the stupidly chaotic structure of the world, a bunch of activities and often extra. The world seems beautiful, but in fact it is dead for there is no integration with it, all kinds of activities in cities. Just give micro tasks to bring, kill 10 pigeons, make a tower and so on. And then it also increased, if you want to go through the plot task. DOINT UND 40 lvl, oh yes, you are only 15. Well, if you don’t want to take accelerated pumping. That’s the whole meaning of the anniversary. They need to change the core, leadership, and motivated people. Then they will begin to make good games again. And do not chase the trends barely jumping into the last car.

No, they are already living out their century. Time of new studios, a new approach to development

And the new studios will serve old products under Noevy packaging, because the time of noobs has long come, no one wants to do something, everyone wants to be in Denyuzhka at once

Yes. The guys of time for sure did not lose all these 16 years. 🤦

The most interesting thing is that in 16 years there is no such difference in the schedule and animation, so that the requirements grow literally several times, and some animations are so better even in the 1st part

I remember then I had 8800GT at 512MB, current analogues (4070-4070TI) once 10-20 more powerful than the old brothers, and the graphone was almost not brought, but then we apparently already rest on the possibilities of the possibility