The leak confirms that the Bend Studio planned to work on the sequel Days Gone

Among the recent leaks associated with the future games of the Insomniac Games, there is a slide presentation indicating that Bend Studio once worked on the sequel Days Gone. Apparently, the studio wanted to make a proposal to the head of PlayStation Studios German Hullest.

Judging by the slide of the presentation, the Bend Studio worked on the early prototypes of the sequel Days Gone and the new game in the Uncharted series. Judging by the mentioned details of the budget and new employees for both games, the studio most likely planned to promote one of these projects after the reviews of Khulsta. Slide presentation in question can be seen below. The document dates back to 2020.

But, apparently, the projects were canceled. As early as May 2023, the former Bend Studio Game Director Jeff Ross wrote on Twitter/X that Days Gone 2 would have been released if it had not been canceled. He noted that he is usually disappointed in PlayStation Showcase, because they remind him that Days Gone 2 could have already come out.

Some time ago it was reported that Bend, most likely, will use the Decima engine from Guerrilla Games for its next project, and that it will be a game with the open world. In the LinkedIn profile, the game designer Matthew Seymour states that he worked with the Deucima engine when developing the next Bend Studio game.

According to rumors, it is planned to be in an unanounced project "Cinematographically high quality" Facial animation, 3D-Audio and possibly online multiplayer. The LinkedIn profile of the senior technical artist James Sathre mentions work on the new generation lighting tools. As for the open world of the game, the Bend Studio has appointed the senior presenter designer Ron Allen (Ron Allen) to work on the open world and the design of the new project missions.

According to the profile of the Hungui NGUI concept designer on ArtStation, a non -anced game from Bend Studio will be released in 2025.