It seems to be continuing Hogwarts Legacy to be

Warner Bros company. Games decided to attract the attention of players thanks to the publication of information about the search for a specialist for a vacancy of a junior engineer-programmer. The description reads:

Join the team behind the blockbuster Hogwarts Legacy, a role -playing action with the open world, and together we will create what will happen next

Given the fact of selling the game by multimillion -dollar circulation, as well as very popularity among the best -selling games of 2023, it is logical to assume that it is an incredibly atmospheric sequel Hogwarts Legacy.

The project received good reviews from the audience, but largely thanks to the well -worked world Hogwarts. Developers from Avalanche Software Obviously you have to try to surprise the fans of the universe Joan Rowling. To do this, in continuation, it is worth focusing on a more deep study of the gameplay component.

Hogwartz (locations) The game has a beautiful, but side and NPCs are just horror, I went through the games and I don’t remember anything, the game is purely fan service nothing more.

Let me remind you, Sebastian – Yidit. Useless professors.

So what else did you want? Something like Diablo? Then the sales would be small. And so the game was made for absolutely everyone.

Brazyatina. Baldur’s Gate has small sales now? On the contrary, the more efficiently the game, the more they buy. Hogwarts was bought purely because of the universe, if it were better in terms of the plot – in general, all records would have broken

This is the problem when you try to please everyone, in the end you do not please anyone. If the Hogwarts did not be a famous universe, she would be remembered only as a weak anniversary Style Serednyak. The plot is some kind of liquid, there are no interesting characters. Side ones did not even steam with voice acting, reminded English lessons in elementary school, when the cassettes were included with records. Yes, they could in the design of locations, Loki are interesting and beautiful, it is interesting to roam the first time, but otherwise dunes. The fighting is not bad, but nothing special. Lessons do not cause interest at all, but a couple of them for the whole game.

Therefore, there is hope that they will make a good second part, finalizing the mechanics before the ideal. Because in general, they did a good job, the game is not ideal, even as the fan did not like some things, but it is clear that they didn’t quite do it. The lack of experience affected more

Rowling would be connected to development, dialogs would have improved, memorable characters would have appeared)

Femics and shemales will fall if the rolling is turned on, and the heads and directors are still tolerant and panties

So that is Rowling Feminist. She on shemales and attacked their attempt on female spaces and selecting the appearance of women.

So there is a version that the books were written not by it, but an ex -husband. And judging by the quality of subsequent books after a divorce, it may well be.

It is quite boring, so that already in the middle it does not care about the universe where the actions of the game take place, it simply does not export.

The game is gorgeous, we are waiting for the second part!

The first one is generally worth the sale?

a toy for fans of a sweaty, indifferent to the topic is unlikely to go

Made a pre -order. I don’t regret the purchase. He played 70 hours.

Considering that there will be a voice acting for the game, with familiar voices from the films on the GP, why not take it? The fan of the universe is not necessary. It is enough that you just like peace and films.

Not worth it, I’m glad that I did not buy and put a pirate. The game causes some delight only in the first couple of hours, then everything is very monotonous. I would say that the game is very children’s.

Well, we are waiting: new interesting quests, large locations, smart NPS. And if the editor for modding would be adjusted, the game of platinum would leave.

It is a pity that there were no tasks in this game, but there were some unknown kzes!

For example, faculty glasses will also appear the meaning of most classes/characters/locations/events

And why are they? Well, that is, seriously, what is the meaning?

Okay it would be an online game, but there is little sense)

I remember how I went beyond the walls of Hogwarts and it seems interesting, something new. 20 minutes pass and I understand that this is all, there will be nothing new, one chewing gum.

It was already obvious. The first part was sold with a huge circulation.

Run to monoliths, ask them for a nonsense system, add Persians and voila. The game of the year

a dull game for the 2nd part ?No more we will not buy.

I completely agree, the least expected that they would make such a mediocrated, unprincipled and fresh game, also densely seasoned with the agenda. NPS – Bolovniks, there are no memorable characters, the quests are dull, the battles are boring, only Hogwarts made beautiful, and petov.

You are not right, there are too many fanatics of this game and this story, they swallowed the modern agenda, and the next part will be swallowed, and so on until the 3rd part, only then the people to eat, this canower! = ((

The game is good, I will wait for the continuation.

Well, there are locations in the delicacy, they drank new nonsense and new stories, here is a new game)

Daaa, this is not the assassin Creed for everyone who was bored with everyone, even in different eras and in different cities and countries the action took place, but here everything is ready, the canver can be launched, the people from fanaticism lost their heads and will be bought up to the 3rd part!

Well, I think they will drink some new loki new ones, and I will play the second with a high, I liked the first one

You won’t surprise anyone with a lock 2 times, now let them saw interesting characters, quests and at least some kind of waging, otherwise this was complete game

Well, the lock on the second part can be left, a little to finish which rooms are new and all. that is, the whole development to do what did not work out in the first part. And Kaifovo will come out

Yeah, there is little multiculturalism in the game, and LGBT characters, well, there is nothing to do all this by the release of the second part! =))

Few? Lol, just with excess, if English is understood, there is not only a trans-barley. But what does it have to do with it, in fact, if I wrote about other things?) Who hurts something)

Well, how do I know what characters you are interested in, maybe you like such as this trans-barman, and you would like more of them in the game! 😆😅🤪

"there is not only a trans-barman" – Listen, and where it is generally said that she is trance? Voice, yes, I agree – not female, but in the game itself where the infa? I do not justify, it’s just really that there are women with a voice like a soprano. Even when they do not sing, but they say – but they are not ships. Or is it all guesses?

The game is gorgeous! We are waiting for the 2nd

And DLC plan to release?

And the meaning in the DLC, if it is easier to make the second part of the already ready -made ascets, and sell it for the full cost!

As where, in the game, everyone barks on Inglish, even the Chinese, Hindus, and blacks from Zimbabwe!

Of course to be) only if the emphasis is not made on the tasks, then it makes no sense.

Of course there will be a sequel. The first part was gorgeous

He made a pre -order and did not regret a drop, played for 165 hours, although he expected a little more from the game than it turned out, I hope they will fix the jambs in the continuation, especially so that the students were more lively and at night were in rooms or in the hostel and not disappeared everything that is no matter There are only ghosts of one soul by school and so that you can communicate with students at least a little and that you can sit on benches, stools and so on, so that you can sit down and drink in three brooms)

Well, we are waiting for the continuation.

And someone doubted that Sicvel to be?

The game is cool and beautiful, but very boring (my personal opinion)

Well, at least still 2 games should be. After all, in HL we have only the 5th year of training. It will be the same, but a little more detail. They will also dilute the addition of the Quiddich, they can also solder the tournament of three wizards+ new locations (such as a oblique alley). so what. The game was sold excellent- you can rivet further while the suit is coming 🙂

I’ll not think the game will not sell so well on the hype or it will be necessary to part and the game better with the full 3D medium and the disposal so that when you open the door there on the street fog 3, it is worth it and the lighting is starting to the house and not the effect of the adventure that the lighting and weather is on the script. It switches and so that without lifting everything goes to the pitch, since the full 3D without circumcision is on the location.

She is still a top of sales, and even before the release for the old consoles, they reported that sales are more than 20 years. And also a switch in line.

In the game there was a novelty relatively large budget Igor with relative NOUGAMEZ and sales were higher than planned. Do not expect a repetition of such success, just making a sequel a little better.

It is not in know -how, novelty and other things, but in Potterian fans. There are very, very many of them, and almost everything is now in solvent age. The second part will be sold even better, even if it is worse than the first (which is unlikely), you can not even doubt

As already written off the case in fans. To understand that the money was paid not in vain enough and Hogwarts himself. Yes, the activity is monotonous and not just in Zelda, but even in some kind of Imorthal Phoenix, they are much better, but the networks and the world overlap everything. On the old consoles, she was also in the top1 at the time of exit, on Ninka in TOP1 will not, but still the cashier will gather a decent

In my opinion, Hogwarts Legashi already gave everything that the fans and people who were simply interested in could and that wanted to run the establishment and his environs without any restrictions on the poet will lose one third of the audience for my considerations and his only way to develop this games with a deeper plot and not a museum-at-cost that will create a problem or do all about the same, but 2 what will also create some problems. Perhaps the game 2 will even be able to sell a little pain of copies, but it will definitely not be as easy and unexpected success as the first part of sales since there may not be random players.
I myself am not a fan of the GP, therefore, it is quite difficult for me to evaluate what fans want, how many of them and are they attached to some characters and events of the ITP and where this Igor should develop.

Of course, the game is very weak, but, exclusively thanks to the fandom, I received tremendous sales, sin not to earn such easy money to earn money.

I am shocked by how successful this garbage has become and how many positive assessments were put to it. She has purely the first two hours is magnificent so that the fan of the drooling fan does not suspect anything bad. From the positive magnificent Hogwarts, peppy fighting and normal reptimization. Otherwise, the wretched Maine-Suet, disgusting sides, cardboard characters, a huge and meaningless open world, wild casuality of everything and everything, a bunch of unnecessary elements, a pure tinsel for the look-out of the eyes from the meaninglessness of what is happening. This is the most ordinary Joba-game in the most playful sense of the word.

You are not a navel of the universe friend, not everyone thinks like you, but you think narrowly apparently. Even before the release of the game, she found a huge fanbase in the form of small Harry Potter and most of them wrote literally: "Even if the game turns out to be feces, it will just be cool to walk along Hogwarts", On such everywhere you could stumble, under any video, under any post. That is, from the game, initially no one was expecting a magnificent plot, super-hard-sulslaik gameplay and t.D.. The outfits did not boast of this, all that they boasted – the Hogwarts castle itself, it seemed the most at the presentations, it was generally the best part of the game.

Optimization there is disgusting

everything is so, still the summons shoved into this fresh feces

And what to do, now many games on Anrian Enzhin, without optimization!

People sucked feces in the form of the first part, so you can not hope for a normal game.

The drain of the first part was in 18. Let’s say it was done a year. 6 years have passed before the release.

And then we will receive sequels every year, as bosses of the farner need money. Of all, everyone knows

Every year? Hogwarts 2 comes out in February it turns out if your words are true? Okay, let’s check soon)

Wat? Rumors about her were long before the drain of gameplay in 2018. She is clearly already at that time for a couple of years, as they did.

Therefore, I completed minus one year from the drain😐

But as you think the sequel will go out once a year if the original was done for about 6-7 years? 🤔