The release of the plot DLC for Lust Theory 2 took place

Inceton Games Games developers have finally released the expected DLC for their popular and well-known NSFW game Lust Theory 2. The addition is called "Beach Day" And he will transfer your hero to a sultry, sunny beach, where you will have fun and rest with all girls in every sense.

The addition brings a few more hours of the gameplay, new realistic animations, full -fledged sounds of the environment and much more. The full -fledged voice acting of all characters in the game itself will be released later this year, at the moment approximately 85% of the original game is announced.

Below are the screenshots of the emerging additions:

DLC can be downloaded in Steam and GOG for free for all owners of the original game. The English language in the second part at this time is officially absent, there is a hope for its addition, along with the release of the impending voice acting.

On the contrary: hand under the table!

The game of the year, definitely! ))) This is of course not Larry with his thick trolling modernity, but ordinary adventure.

Why are games for drochers such? Because they are made with one hand!

But still it is better than Drogov in the open world.

you made my day)))))

unlike the gazebo, they use at least one hand

The picture is not correct, "working" the hand is usually the left, and hold the right mouse.

I don’t know, I like to play for girls in such games.
How "History of the Marias" or "Wife and mother". Maybe some more "Fashion Buzines" – After the 2nd season it makes no sense to play.

Do I feel like a girl? It seems not. What if it’s subconscious. I liked the girls all my life. Maybe I’m some kind of hidden trance. So many questions. And few answers.

If you like girls, this is good, then you are lesbians) there are more questions for those who like guys.

As if Vatson Sir Holmes said..- You just look at the story as a movie and manage the character of the film, roughly speaking. And someone is sure to associate himself with GG.
Karoch can be played in different ways.. And both paths are the lords.
All.. My name is, I have to go.

If only you are completely "I immerse yourself in the game"
manage a virtual character as a girl as a doll, and feel like a girl in life is completely different in no way connected Westchi

I don’t know what psychologists say on this topic, but if you want to play for a girl and only play a lesbian path, then I think there is nothing terrible in this)

You haven’t decided yet? You don’t pull it with this case.

The game is not bad and the girls are pleasant

Say nice to look at beautiful female characters? And not all that.

stop trying to masturbate on everything

Thanks, but my wife will be brought up without everything

Then why do you need a beautiful woman in the retiturnal?) She is there for other purposes.

And what others are forbidden to admire?)))

Here the campaign is one hand on the mouse and the other under the table, but in the end you play both)

Renpy engine is many times better for games of this type

with relistical graphics and appropriate animations of KAT scenes? No, anime separately, realism separately. For each his own, but Lust Theory will lose a lot as for me

Straight itching in the palms of such news.

So as a result, the second part of the game is completed completely or episodes will be released? And the game itself is finished or will be released more seasons? I at one time accidentally stumbled up for the first season, which by that time was ready and Russified, played and remained impressed, but wait for the weather by the sea, while an update is released on the season number two in a year. I decided to wait for a full release and rely the whole game.

In general, in this genre, the theme of the NF is very rare, but always (it is always!) Shoots perfectly! I have not yet met a game that would include the topic "Surka day" or "failure in time" And it would not have turned out interesting. I mean, in this case, it is this genre niche, of course. And such games from memory I can remember three things, including this. But I won’t call the name, they are too intricate.

Formally, completed. But at the end they write, they say our hero will return in the Terts of the season, so xs. But the ending, crap is complete.

And at the expense of Beingadik is not a cloth? otherwise I went through the 2nd episode set 3 there as a result stupidly 1 chapter and everything is like everything.

FIG knows, I also played the third season when there were figs and nifiga, the Season 3 Ver hangs on the slippers. 0.9.1, if I understood correctly, I was updated on January 7 this year. I will already wait for when it comes out completely, although I will most likely grow old when it will happen.

Spsibo for the info, well, there is 3 season, this is stupidly completion of season 2 when you need to arrange a Halloween party

My pleasure. I don’t remember what was there, I played for a long time.

Of course I will play it. But the crisis in the industry is visible not with an armed eye

Well, if all such games were made by Yyndi Studios, then everything is ok

The plot is very interesting for this genre of games))

Why do you need a Russifier in the game, where you don’t hear what the girl tells you?

Yes. xs as the second, but in the first the plot, although banal, but it was interesting how it would end