“New generation graphics for $ 70”: players in shock from the quality of Mortal Kombat 1 on Nintendo Switch

Today the official release of the new part of the legendary bloody fighting was held. Early access owners have been studying combat combinations for a week in Mortal Kombat 1 and pass new modes for the series. Judging by the first reaction of gamers, the developers from Netherrealm Studios managed to successfully restart the franchise, but not everyone was satisfied with the game. The most outrage comes from players on Nintendo Switch, who are horrified by the technical condition of Mortal Kombat 1 on the console and the level of graphics.

The first demonstrations of the fighting version for Nintendo Switch have already hinted at serious graphic restrictions, but the players were still not ready for this. Users complain about almost all aspects of the game that are made at a poor level, unlike versions for PC or PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Mortal Kombat 1 version on Nintendo Switch often suffers from critical errors and boasts of the lowest polygonal models, which is why the playing is compared with the generation of games for PlayStation 2.

This is what users write:

I cry over the Mortal Kombat 1 version for Switch. Why did they just not wait for the next generation Switch console, the fact that it costs $ 70 is robbery.

The game looks disgusting! I try to issue a refund.

I don’t know why everything became so bad that MK11 was not so terrible on Switch.

If you reduce brightness and contrast, models of your favorite characters will look like monsters from horror games

The main claim of gamers is that the developers are asking for the version of the game for Nintendo Switch a hollow price tag of $ 70. As users note, the game for such a price should not look so bad when comparing with other versions, besides this, the project should work stably, but this recently all developers have become forgotten.

I have long said that nintendo switch. Surely hemorrhoids for a long time to run on it.

Finally Mortal Kombat with a normal plot. It turns out for the first time. Well, not surprising as the same restart

What happens, MK at the time of PS2 was better than now on nintedo?

The last normal MK was the one that reached PS1

Yeah, but only it was Mk Trilogy, not MK4

Judging by the screenshots from the sweat.

Ummm and where is the graphics of the new generation with a binding to the switch ? All questions to the gland of the switch and in pricing policy too.

MK is always made on the basis of the principle of underestimation of the graphon until this Herot will work in 60 FPS, that on Vita that MK 11 on the sword is just a squalor, and on both there are fighting valves that look normally on such an iron but not MK, so here It is fair about graphon – these bastards, as always, did not try, if only to cut down dough

and at the PSP, too, in comparison with the estrine

What did you expect from iron, which a priori does not suit games with more or less good graphics?

Witcher 3 Nekst-Gen and Remaster RDR looked at the RDR, unlike MK, because they tried it for people earlier, now they are trying more for their pockets

Expected that the price will be appropriate. Since they could not in more or less norms graphics, lower the price tag.

Well, and games what years then then. Plus in a witcher graphone cut anyway. And here is a new game. The question of the fuck was generally to port. Iron is just weak. There are no miracles.

Read carefully, I wrote such a meaning to earlier And Nekstgen

To RDR the word remaster is not applicable. There is simply not there.

Milena in ordinary life?

It seems we began to forget.

I am not a particularly specialist in Nintendo console, but in my opinion it is not more powerful and not at the level of the consoles of the past generation even. So under it you need to do either separate or strongly ocal -fluid games. What they wanted?

although it was probably possible to redo the shaders. Throwing the soaps of Blum and Tolstenko Embient is disabled. It would be something in the 2010s level

Witcher 3, Luigi, Mario Odyssey – but a lot more in fact in Sich looks much better than a curved twitch.

Witcher 3 maybe but I’m not sure that there is just an analogue of the PC version with humiliated graphics. All sorts of Mario were designed specifically stylistically, taking into account these restrictions on which I said. for it is unlikely that the games on the switch flaunt even a complete PBR set from the past generation.

They wanted the price tag corresponding, but definitely not $ 70.

There is a full -fledged witcher with all DLS. Yes, and MK11 does not look as terrible as MK1. Here is just generally.

Well, in fairness, it is worth noting that it is weaker than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But here the problem is not in the shadeers, but in the fact that the game could look much better if the developers would have tried to make it very well for the Sych. But there is no sense in this – this is unnecessary costs of money and time with minimal revenue, compared to the galaxy "large" console and PC.

Your old computer, when I launched a modern game on it

The HC did not want to release MK1 on PS4 but decided to release on a switch and cut the graphon in zero)

Because there are ninted -bonds that are happy to cheat and ask for supplements. And PS4 for 10 years is not relevant.

PS4 10 years ago only appeared) it became irrelevant since this year, since in 2022 2 major games still came to it – Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok

Fool? PS4 10 years ago only appeared and lost relevance only last year, and then not completely, under it, as well as under the Xbox One, they will release games for a long time, at least a turkey.

Dushnyara, this is apparently too obvious that I mean "outdated at the time of exit", Yes? Or you are a sonibchik?

Svitch the second will return us to PS4.

It looks like a blasty on the minimum

Steam Deck copes much better, but if you remove the rotten Denuvo, then the result could be even better.

ASUS ROG ALLY, surprisingly, copes excellently, even with braking Denuvo.

In shock, but buy and hack

Ahahaha, this!
When I bought back in 2012 MK9 on PS Vita, even then it looked better than this miracle))

On the face, an attempt to somehow wind up more dough. I would even say on the face.

Mk ArmageDon level graphene on PS2

70 mowers. WOW. I did not know that Dawngraid was so expensive today.

Just tin. I immediately remembered

This is such a base for the removal of new memes 🔥

The characters MK1 in the Svitch version saw some shit, judging by the eyes.

The switch like K -pulle S inhibit the industry, these are the crutches of the legs, while they are cut down

But the potion made for Switch is considered one of the best games.

The switch is generally in its niche, and is ported to it according to the residual principle (Proprietary games are ruled there by the ball)
Well, at the expense of the Xbox SS – then without it they would have been scored even more for optimization. Although the situation in most AAA-IGR is already deplorable.

The industry is inhibited by crookedly, which make a square box of 166,000 training grounds.

If you are talking about Breath of the Wild, then it was originally released on Wii U. There was a port on Switch, which, moreover, even 30 frames cannot be stable. If you’re talking about Tears of the Kingdom, then I can’t say anything here.

Aaaa, it is because of the switch 4090 somehow many games drag. Thank you, now I am in the know, keep in the know.

It seems that for iron the switch is normal. Here is a gameplay

well, by the way, judging by the vidos, then it really is normal for that iron!

And what kind of minuses?I’m wrong somewhere?Although what am I talking about, it is the same, yes.

So the elite guys thought that the system was outparted and it would be possible to connect and play a sweat to the plasma, receiving fool expirins.

Buy mobile g@vonsoli (Hello, censorship!), and then complain that the graphics "Not that".

So if the port made imprudent arrogant mediocrity. You are all aching about bad optimization in every new game, but how it comes to raw – it is the iron is weak: D is understandable if it were a port of cyberpanus – but the thing touches MK – the simplest one can portend the normal graphics and not now Selling these naked training grounds for 70 bucks.

Yeah. Play better either on RS at least average, or on PS5 and Xbox Series. There are many times better.

Here are Sygles, such a port of $ 70 cannot cost, $ 50-60.

PS vita TV will be the same

It looks better on Vita

Yes, and FIG would with her, with this part, anyway, rusted, ruined everything that they could, even the animations are wretched and too sharp. I’m silent about Camo and some kind of armor there, as I found out I just fucked up. On android there is a game Shadow Fight 3, so there is also an imbalance, many bots are indispensable with a bunch of hp, Donatier trash, in short.

How much does it cost to grow such teeth like Milina’s?

even cheaply pay 100 baches, "The port is getting more expensive"

Play play mobile gamers))

Lol, Cage became an Indian :))

This is all for the sake of fans of Fordnight

My Bati had about my face, when I yelled a couple of minutes ago in my voice from the Prevejah.To the author respect of course, for selection)

I did not understand someone on the screen, or the game looks like a fracture?

Complaints of poverty that downloaded the game for free)))

Well, what did they want to play on a smartphone level console

With the same success could still release games on PS3 and Xbox360 and people will buy as well as a switch

it is difficult on PS3, there is schizoid architecture

And what did you want from the portable with 0.5 tflops video? Thank you for at least starting in 60 FPS in battle)

It was immediately clear that Switch was weaker in terms of performance.

But here, it seems, they didn’t bother over the port.

And what did they expect from 256 nuclei of the architecture of Maxwell and the old Cortex A53 and A57? The conditional PC with the first generation and GT1030 will be much faster than this console. The ancient gland made optimizon in the style of ancient iron – potato graphics. There is perhaps the moment that they were not at all steamed about the quality of the models – even with horseradish textures and low -polygonal models, they could make them much more pretty, but scored a bolt for this event. Although given that users of the raw with foam at the mouth proved that in Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom the Supercurrent schedule, I am generally not surprised that the outbursts were confused on them – these guys are ready to devour everything, just to work on the ray, True, this time did not particularly skip.

Judging by the pictures of the PS2 level graphics maximum. Nintendo releases his prefixes already outdated. Switch 2 will not be an exception.

People with weak PCs would like this game to be launched with such graphics.

Cool graphics shnyaga 777

Well, what can I do if the console Nintedo is a piece of govna?

No one, how are the faces in Starfield?

And you expected something from the 2017 portable?

Well, shells who bought a game on the switch, they have a brain? They understand that on such a gland, this is still a miracle that the game came out. (I myself bought a switch at one time, well, the jelly, once I sell it in perfect condition, a box with everything) and the fact that the price is so so garbage nintedo. I’m sure when the 2 console version comes out, they will sell this game again, something is 99% sure that the games will not be compatible with the first.

Of course, I understand everything, but blindly believe that the game 2023 will start on the portable 2017 in the same quality as on a stationary console is the nonsense of schizophrenic. Say thank you that this portable on Tegra X1 (where the GPU on the 2015 Maxwell architecture is weaker than the GTX 750 in the number of nuclei, textures and rasterizers) generally launched this game. I don’t know who bought this game on Switch and what I hoped for. The ceiling for Switch is the Games of the Xbox 360 – Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, etc. Games with PS4 are already worse than Spyro and Doom 2016.

So on the switch all such games)))

And now you show at least one such, with the same monstrous graphony and naked training grounds without textures.

By the way, MK on Vita and the old woman PS2 and that look better in many ways.

And what does the Iron Nintendo Switch have to do with it? We will be honest, even on the release, the iron was old. But there are games that look beautiful for this portable. And it doesn’t matter whether the port is or the original release. There are many games that look much better than this MK. Yes, even MK 11 looked very good on the switch (for the switch of course). The publisher wanted to cut down extra money and apparently could, but the game is clearly, right, obviously, it should not cost so much on the switch with such a technical implementation. People have very fair comments.

Another thing is that the players did not look on the Internet how the game looks like a sword. But the ordinary user will not do this. Just see in Eshop and buy a game. But there, in ESHOP, this practice has long existed: if the game has nothing but a poster, then the publisher/developer wants to hide the quality of the product from potential buyers, t.To. The requirements of Nintendo indicate that if you publish videos or screenshots, they must be directly from the version of the game for the published console. Therefore, many developers simply publish a poster and all. thereby hiding the technical condition. Someone will buy. But there are no refunds there

So the game is the same, with the same content, if I am not mistaken)) so it is true that the price is the same) that the graphics are wretched, it is to blame the console, and not the outfit))) in general, the version of the sweatshirt should then cost $ 80)) ( 10 dollars for additional work to optimize the graphics for the sweatshirt)

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