For fan project s.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A. Update 0.9 with many improvements and interesting new opportunities

For s.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A., one of the most popular mods last year, updated 0.9 with many new functions.

  • NPC behavior has been improved: they move more efficiently around the game world and go out of a daze faster. These changes are useful, since thanks to them, the companions traveling with you will no longer be left behind.
  • Improven the appearance of the grass.
  • Mod now by default is activated by the resort PAK that improves graphics.
  • The zone was filled with objects that need to be found. This is another good change, since before there was no good reason to search each location and building.
  • Information about available orders now appears in the PPC player.
  • Implemented Autolite system automatically collecting objects from enemies. It can be completely configured so that the character collects only what you want in this way, or, for example, automatically analyzes items for spare parts.
  • The realism of the craft system is increased – now, before creating an item, you need to find a recipe or buy it.
  • In addition, the system of creating medical objects was significantly redesigned – now it is more profitable to create and improve them independently, and not buy from merchants.
  • Two new types of weapons were added – the M37 shotgun in five versions and the ACE 52 rifle, as well as some of the available types of weapons.
  • New starting sets of objects have been introduced and ammunition balance has been changed.
  • The radioactivity on the map was processed – in many places it was reduced to make it more realistic; For example, short -term contact with irradiated water will not immediately end in the death of a character.
  • Many mutants have become more resistant to damage, although this does not apply to their heads, so the hedshots began to be crucial for survival. In addition, the textures of mutant dogs were improved.

G.A.M.M.A is a modification for a fan s.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly, which is technically a mod for Call of Pripyat, but has the form of an independent game. Therefore, you do not need to own any of the official parts of the series to use the project g.A.M.M.A.

.The goal is g.A.M.M.A. – thoroughly improve Anomaly. With the help of a fashion, the game will receive improved balast, more extensive survival mechanics and more interesting gameplay systems, such as collection of objects, crafting, cooking and repairing equipment. In general, the game emphasizes a careful and slow study, but not to the exposure to the smooth gameplay.

The mod also improves the interface, introduces many new elements, updates the economy and improves graphics. In general, s.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A just makes Anomaly the best game in every way.