Valheim received a patch 0.217.14 with new content and improvements

Iron Gate released patch 0.217.14 for Valheim, which adds new content to the game, and opened a complete list of changes. According to the developers, this last update has added a new NPC – merchant Hilder. Moreover, new locations, new objects, new hairstyles and beards, as well as modifiers of the world and two new extensions for crafting were added to the game.

Using the server modifiers, players can choose a lower difficulty for a more relaxed passage, increase it for more hardcore passage or come up with their own combination. In addition to the total complexity, you will find settings for portals, resources, raids and much more so that you can configure your experience to your taste.

New content:

  • New NPC: Hilder merchant.
  • New Location: Camp Hildir.
  • New Location: Breaking Tomb (Classic Dungeon).
  • New location: howling cave (classic dungeon).
  • New Location: a sealed tower (open dungeon).
  • 3 new mini-bosses
  • A button of the world modifiers button with many configuration/complexity options is added to the game launch screen (select a pre -installation or create your own).
  • Added 8 different fireworks (including thunder stone and black core thrown into the fire)
  • New subject: Bengal fire
  • New clothing: 10 hats and shawls.
  • New clothes: 14 dresses and tunic.
  • Expansion for black forge: a vice (possibly an increase to level 3)
  • Expansion of the magic table: unlucky candles (possibly update to level 3)
  • New material: hairdresser.
  • New furniture: hairdresser.
  • New Material: Iron Pit.
  • New furniture: Kostryche.
  • 8 new hairstyles
  • 5 new beards
  • 4 new music tracks

As always, Steam will download a patch 0.217.14 for Valheim the next time his client is launched. You can find a complete list of changes in the link.