Stream: we burst into the beta test The first descendant

Korean MMOs have long become the name of a household. Asian players (and developers) have a very specific view of the gameplay and visual style. It’s interesting to see how Nexon sees the genre of cooperative luter-shutters.

Tonight with four legs we burst into the open, cross -platform open Beta The First Descendant! We did not find the character with a dozen sliders for settings for the settings of the sorcerer’s sorcerer, but the gameplay. Better to see everything with your own eyes!

We will start broadcasting today at 17:00. We evaluate the in -game store, the depth of the neckline of female characters and the dynamics of gameplay. Connect to us on the YouTube, VK and Twitch platforms!

The main line of quests has passed, the quests are monotonous, lvl design is scarce, enemies under a carbon car, only extraordinary changes, the shooting is not bad. The main plot turned out to be short, perhaps this is the cost of a beta test. Interesting pumping in a row.

Typical Grindel, someone will come in, someone does not.

In Grindil, the main thing is that the process of the grind itself is interesting.

Well, this part is more dull if you passed these zones. Now there are not many options further, you go to 2 types of special operations to knock out special containers – and then the bosses, here are the bosses there completely went, especially with "Hard version 40+ lvl", Even if you take the latter on the normal – it is difficult to pass it with random fellow travelers (unless you do not swing very much), you need to take certain resistance, there are still versions of mods for immune poisoning, it is also worth. Something reminded of Wow – you do not know the mechanic or ignore them – it will turn out bad.. Hard boss generally makes such a chip – almost throughout the zone it covers the area with a dome, and it has great damage with ice and freezing, apparently it is worth attacking it exclusively from afar, he demolished all the Chinese at a time._)

Well, here at least female models are pleasant, there is something to see)

I would not compare with warframe, in terms of fights for example – here I see, they shoot.

But in Varfa you do not need to aim, the main thing is to get an ao-gun and score it correctly. Or you can just chop everyone with a weapon.

Although, since I am not aiming, I hope in this game you can have something similar Aoeh.

It will be available through GFN?

The game is essentially 80% licked with Warframe, only after the main quest (if this is the full version in Beta) I don’t want to do anything further, especially who plays/played in the same Warframe.

I was reminded by the mixture of Warframe + Dustist

I got a character to the 36th level, the further the stronger, but the sweat is not even in the complexity of the battle with the enemies, but in the fact that I ended during the battle all types of cartridges (they stopped crumbling from enemies), as well as mana. And my character became absolutely helpless!

Thanks to the guys stream was great. Sorry beta, I didn’t go further than the prologue.

How to change the nickname

Why is there no English language? They also encourage us?

The game of course fierce slag)

Immediately after you allocate the resources for this, I will immediately start)

Oh, another "Knead later criticize"

Oh, the next "my all -time opinion is a priori constant". If you, or the person do not like something above, this is not = slag. For example, there are a lot of people love GTA, but I’m not, and cho? According to your logic game ug? No, of course, I understand this, I accept and do not throw on the fan. And the comrade is higher than the stupid Hateer – he was so pleased and satisfied

The farmer is a dermal in a word. SAMS on Destiny 2 + Warframe, but less dynamic, ax and plot does not catch. Well, what else to expect from Korean online games))

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