Atomic Heart began in VK Play

The sale began in VK Play Atomic Heart. The action from the Mundfish studio is sold at a 34% discount – for 1649 rubles.

The platform also reduced the price of the Golden and Premium publication. The first can be bought for 1919 rubles, and the second – for 2159 rubles. Both versions include all four future additions to the game.

On July 26, the developers announced the release date of the first DLC to Atomic Heart – “Instinct of extermination”. The addition will be released on August 2, 2023 on RS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. PC version will be sold exclusively on VK Play.

Pinets Sale))) Up to 600 rubles would be lowered – this is then the sale. )

Go work! or come back in the 90s, there all the ineves of 100r were worth buying at once 6.

Maybe in a year 50% discount will be when all DLCs will be released.

Why would he return in the 90s when and now any game can be bought for 100r ? I bought offline activation for a hundred and play, and now you don’t need to get up from the sofa.

You can take it for free right now, so you don’t need to go anywhere

34% discount is not small. The sale is drawn.
UPD: I don’t understand. For many, the game is the top, the price itself is like several years ago, and still a half a pity to give. Sit, minus)))))))))))

A month ago I bought at a discount and here again discounts. So we are waiting for the first addition.

The same comments every time and everywhere. A couple of pizza from delivery to gobble up for a sweet soul, but not to pay for the game. Why buy a game in which you can play a few tens of hours. Better to eat a couple of times and poke a couple of times.

Lol) Why give money for what you can safely take for free?) Moreover, the outfits actively led a monetary policy, and with their actions and decisions, they made it clear that for them in the first place profit, rather than the comfort and convenience of the players. And you propose to play along with such a direction?

People love money (figure out). I understand with a hut on activist for their anime skins of 20 bucks in Kalda, given that the game is broken g*VNO which is still only broken from the release, but what is the problem of buying a normal game? Well this is not a force for 5 thousand. The game is quite worth its grandmothers, what is the problem in this case to support the ruble a good game? I do not condemn piracy, I was happy to have a dead Iland 2 recently, but you say so as those who buy games – suckers. Strange some kind of position. And what is the discomfort by the way in this case? Again the story with VK-Tyi? If not, then? Patchili in a timely manner, added new features to the game, the first DLC from the 4s came out as it turned out to be real plot DLCs, and not the skin on the panties and this is still not enough? Far Cry 6 on the release cost more than 4 tons of a full edition and that we received? All the same skin store and horned skeletons without a plot on beautiful cards. Here for 2 tons several times a quarter, they make it possible to buy a full edition. It is still very expensive? I myself am an egoist to the bones and I would also love money, the productivity of your work often depends on them, so it is strange to pose a monetary question with such an edge and think that today it is abnormal. No one will do and support the game for the sake of a community for free. Unless this is the start itself and you are at all from nowhere and obvious reasons to pay for your first game at all.

N so pizza will bring pleasure and you won’t be hungry, but what a piece of code will feed you ?

Money doesn’t decide everything

Well, there is an option to open a refrigerator, and there OP and a pair of three eggs lies and a good varik does not spend a cshik and eat eggs.

And you are starving? Just so acutely put the question that if you don’t eat your favorite nishtyakov a couple of times and miss half an hour of pleasure from pizza consumption, replacing it with fried eggs, which you will have to do it yourself, you can buy a game in which you will ride more than once.

But this is all the exaggeration on the images, it just seemed to me that this is a logical comparison. And about money, this is also a generalization, t.To. Money decides very much. But not all. Yes.