The “Troubles” action will be released on February 26 – pre -orders are open and system requirements are presented

The English studio Cyberia Nova announced the start of reception of preliminary orders for role -playing action "Troubles", which will be released on February 26. All pre -ordering will be given a unique game image of the protagonist "playing". At the moment the price of the game "Troubles" amounts to 1612 rubles. This is a special offer for players who decided to purchase the game on pre -order and taking into account the discount.

At the moment, the game is planned to be released only in the VK Play store and system requirements have appeared on the game page:


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i3 / Ryzen 3
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Disco place: 50gb
  • Video card: NVIDIA GTX 980/1060
  • Other: DirectX 12


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i7 / Ryzen 9
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Disco place: 50gb
  • Video card: Nvidia RTX 3080
  • Other: DirectX 12

I hope this is for 4K 60 FPS

On minimum wagons if only

Also yielded. 2010 graphics in the game, lol

Which 2010? On the graphone of the Troubles, it looks no worse than a witcher 3, and in many ways it even looks better. And in general, Ubisoft games also look like today. In general, claims to the graphone are not worth anything. With the graphone of the Troubles, everything is fine. No worse than others.

32 gig of opera and 3080 with such a graph and animation.

Figs, recommended requirements, with graphics of the second witcher.

And the views are which of the 2d trees)

Especially the trees in the air on the right are delivered

oh rushing. Before that, only screenshots were presented, there was a video, but a short and marked pre -alpha like

You probably did not fade over traveling sprites of cars on a far background in Cyberpunk2077)) for comparison

What’s the problem? All top -end studios use sprites for the far background. Claim. Well, perhaps the sprites could be a little better to do in the turmoil. But in general, the practice is standard. And in general, there are still many months before the release, they can replace sprites with improved.

Grafon of 20 years ago, but 32 gigs of the opera, 3080 Vidyakha and ai7 – lip? Take the mushrooms and grass from the reegrabs!

By the way, the Persians do not move in the trailer

And the Persians have it. I have a kum – Persian, so his eyes do not move.

So they are all wooden there.. The eyes are worse?

Show me at least one game of 2003-4 with the same graphics. Well, just answer for your words. Maybe the graphics are not so hot, but so that. You are my friend, obviously wordback.

My friend, if you do not see how everything looks here, as if from zero, for such requirements, well, just, you are clearly ocular.

Many compare it with Kingdom Come Deliverance. But it seems to me Kingdom Come Deliverance is much more beautiful (my screenshots)

Kingdom Come Deliverance-good, still did not pass it, play and play, and then you go on a new one and forget..
And so in a circle 🙂
But the game is atmospheric and beautiful.

This is a default or fashion there is some? I have long wanted to try out, the turn will not reach it)

As for me, one -to -one graphics are the same. What is there, what’s right. The difference is only in the light. Maybe you like the lighting in Kingdom Come Deliverance more, therefore it seems that they say the graphon is more beautiful.

The game about the Indirzhik is excellent. There you can just walk and bald like in the same KB77. Everything is going to go to Sazava, but there is always no time.

Pre -order it, and even in the None of Launcher!? You need to be completely stubborn!

I don’t think that there will be grandmas on Dunka

Believe me now mammoths will fly a bunch.

For 30r and with large texts.

They took the atomic, they will also take it.

Well, I would not say that the gaming center Mail.Ru is so noun. Although, I agree, the change of the name to the clock did not benefit them.

yes, vague times of the gaming industry, you can’t say nothing

What is this
For what
What other shock combo, what other success.
Can still attribute "Tin" "Akhtung" ITD as it was in the action of zero, which looked as much as possible, a picture for an example

I also paid attention, I think it turns off in the settings

And what you don’t like it? All almost top -ends are the best modern RPGs use this in 2023 games. Personally, I want to see the dials for strikes, all sorts of words like "Combo" and t.D. Such things make any RPG much better visually in battles.

What is at least one top RPG where there is a similar parach, namely the same all -erected terms as on the screenshot or balabol (although you are without it)

I join the question above. At least one top, the best modern RPG play the game with the same crap?

Okay, it would be just the dials of the

Features like a niche game, and the requirements like AAA+ next year

The game, judging by the visible visible, is an ordinary middle peasant of a turkey segment. 2k per indie. Not even funny. So many top indie games do not cost. "Troubles" the same to the top like cancer to China.

18+, without registration and SMS

1612 rubles, good reference. Happy holiday of everyone, Day of popular unity!

ay 7 and 3080)) We diverge posons, alan wake in a square

I7 garbage there is a razen 9 and this analogue is not and the same I9

When Alan Wake 2 showed system requirements, we thought that it had reached the bottom of the gaming industry, but the troubles knocked out loudly from below.

Lord what kind of music in the trailer, why it was impossible to insert something more authentic.

There will be a joke if there is something like that in the game itself.🤣

An interesting solution for 2024, the plugs on the wave are apparently a tribute to the first Gothic. I can already imagine the names of the first mods on the PG – "Disconnecting white lanes of weapons", "Removing the display of pop -up damage" etc.

No. Enough pre -orders from me. After KB2077, I learned not to buy games on the preval, and even more so in some kind of play.

Well, import substitution so that its own games in your store would have its own, though there are too few of them in 2 years. I have another question of what these games and shops did not do 5 – 10 years ago? In the early 2010s, even many with mine and I sat in the VK. But this has already passed the times.

These wise men from VK are thus trying to earn money, and advance this under -shop.

Could already make a separate launcher, and enter games there. And yes. 10 years ago it would be quite relevant, but now it is already a late. Everyone has long gone.

This is what for the vyser, not the requirements. In a game where there is no open world, wretched shortcomings, where textures, PS3 level, shame full. Ask for 32GB RAM, but why is it needed there ? 3080 for this shame. What the chases. Let me remind you how the outfits themselves described their game. Namely.

1. There will be no open world in the game

2. There will be no Luta and grind in the game

3. There will be no non -linear plot in the game.

4. There will be no game in the game.

Because although it is to succeed, this is a piece of slag.

Come on, how to repeat it mantra. Robocop is played without lags, Alan Wake 2 without lags, lof without lags, Alan Wake 2 with 1.06, generally began to work smoothly. And these are all games that are confused, just beaten like a child. Yes, what can I say, in it the graphon is just shit, animation of wretches. U5 is capable of much if the hands are not imprisoned under the member.

It’s clear. So they can simply be safe, setting such requirements "for growth", T.It is unlikely that it will be an optimized product at the start.

By the way, the main question falls up, how much support for the game will be implemented after the release. For if the project is state, then in fact, they can generally not bother about patches. Well, made a product, threw it on the market, already received funds. Well, I think so, and there who knows, maybe they are responsible.

In short, in any case, this project "a dark horse". And after all, there are still unique ones who will pre -order.

For a studio that does not have a reputation and a background from good games, this price is excessively overstated. However, what’s the difference to me? I will take from torrents.

KSK will usually wait for the release on torrents. If suddenly it turns out to be sensible, then I can buy.

Of course I understand everything, but not recommended requirements)))

Thanks play yourself)

All this looks pretty doubtful🤔, some kind of hack

Two 4090 at once, why.

no, thanks))))

I don’t confuse anything, they promised RPG? Why action? On the trailer, the musical accompaniment is disgusting. Models, animation, lighting, assets so -so, at first glance. For some reason, Dragon Age reminded. The effects are weak, blood is not visible at all. Flying numbers of damage and t.D is generally a joke. In short, play it yourself.

No, as far as I remember, just a role -playing game.

To punish enemies and help stop the troubles, Yuri will have to go through difficult trials:
– Fight enemy troops, robbers and wild animals.
– Negotiate with hostile characters.
– Wander through impenetrable forests and swamps.
– Climb into caves full of traps.
– Face intrigue, treachery and betrayal.
– Lose friends and make enemies.
– Understand what he really wants.

Caves with traps, battles with wild animals. Lara Croft is some kind.

"All according to sigent documents"

Just the screenwriter of Assassinov came in, so they immediately announced historicity.

Video card: Nvidia RTX 3080 I’m some kind of joke?

Ordinary Middle Map of the average solution today. You don’t think that it will be comfortable to play on the ultras in modern games similar buckets like 1060-3060 this will allow you?

3060 still allows, judging by the tests

Depending on what resolution and at what settings graphics. And of course with what number of personnel.

Only this shit is not like modern games, its level is a memeema against lizards.

The games will come out, and there we’ll see. Judging by the rollers, the project will be ideological and deeply interesting.

I do not believe in the game, not because ours cannot. But because the game is made according to state order. T.e. The task of developers is not to surprise the gamer, but to fulfill TK. And people wrote people for whom the game is not a meme, but reality.

Age limit 12+.

1612 rubles

No one noticed why exactly such a price?

Probably this is the year in which the events of the game are unfolding.

Yes, it is not good, and this time of trouble in Rus’ was

Well, they paid attention, and that the price is overstated, the game is dull and not optimized

As you understand that it is not optimized? You have already played in the final build?

He looked at the official recommended system requirements

If the game has a soul, I will forgive all the nuances that are visible according to the trailer)

Grandmas drank the mustache diverge, but they will buy or do not buy them))) They did not do $ for their own

They stubborn there completely?

Well, what can I say

So this is another trash in style "Rus against lizards" It turns out, okay, I thought they claimed something more or less serious, but the trailer put everything in its place

Guys, you do not understand, developers simply want to revive the golden era of the English Gamdev 00

Those glorious times when hits type Lada Racing Club riveted?

I like it, for a long time new mods on m&B

Seriously? 2015r without discounts for this game? And the systems are so in general, where do they come from? Judging by the gameplay video of what to demand so much there? And there are those who protect this game

Minkalt..with a bolt to optimize, funny!(No))

At least – it is interesting that in the end it will turn out. Slavic setting, in such a genre – looks tempting.

what kind of miserable feces are it with fuckers with what systems

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Well, the great setting? Huts, peasant, Rus’. But everything looks so crooked. The fighting is suck! There is no fighting – there is no adventure, but as 500 parts of the atsin show – scribbled rollers with murders are bored after 40 minutes.

X.Z what is there in the plot and t.D., But the fighting looks mildly wretched.

And why there are no blood and dissects, the game is 6+ or something.

At least it’s bold.

Who is strictly watching the game, at least one gameplay was?

Only drain for a long time
There were no officials

If you get bogged down, then it is vague. 😉

System requirements seemed to be drawn from Balda. Suppose the minimum for FullHD, and recommended for what resolution then. Apparently, optimization handicraft became contagious. https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = tihacj3owjy

Great breakdown in the system requirements 1060/3080, interesting, and the graphics will also be so different from the minimum to Max ?

And animation and graphics purely Gothic 3, the color scheme is even stupidly the same

price tag in 1612 rubles. Directly hints at 1612

1612 rubles is symbolic

hmm, who made this trailer? The video editing is terrible, the sound accompaniment is terrible, but the game itself is blood from the eyes, I suffered when watching this squalor.

Cheaply appreciated. So many expectations, and you are almost for nothing. Suspicious like that. However, it is possible to talk about something when the game will come out, because the early build, the atmosphere of the game transmits poorly.

What is the name and optimizon.

The development should learn how to optimize games, it seems to me, the requirements, something like that through the chur

Systems are really tough. More like a non -optisimon

Where sorry facial animation? What kind of game?

From all the information received concluded: indeed, this is some kind of trouble. 😂

Somehow.. I don’t even know, fucking. And for this 200+ cartoons were allocated? I wonder how it will look at the start

I hope the voice acting that was redone in the build

Tin requirement is that the graphone of the level of Alanweic or Cyberpank

Well, the trailer seems to be not even bad, only the music in my opinion is not chosen in the subject.

Music yes, there should be gusli, and something that time.

Take a witcher 3, what an immersion due to music🙏🤗

Well, because she has great heredity.

Creak of rotten floorboards, when you go to them in bast shoes in technological processing

As I understand it, there was not enough money to optimize the game even on Hindus?

Nuuu is weak for now.

Naturally, I’m not going to buy in the shit of VK)

And you will buy the game at all. XD

I didn’t wait, I don’t wait for it. Sorry did not go out in 2018-2019 ..

In minimum wages for 4K requirements, and in the recommended 8k on the ultra? Well, just with such graphics as otherwise?

Recently, it has become fashionable to poke into the requirements of RTX 3080, although it would seem that with all the disputes around the Moore law this card should rule for another 5 years 😁

Where is the action?

They saw the game. There, system requirements should be for 2000s XD games

I saw only weak (in quality) demo, like "a leak", as far as I understand – they were given 450KK for development, and the price segment . Almost aaa. There is no sense in pre -orders, since there are no guarantees of compliance with the deadlines, nor demonstration of quality (rollers do not count). "Megaphone" and quality . Oh well.

What nafig aaa? 450kk is a little less than $ 500k. The level of turkey. I remember like the developers of the XD of the publication of space rangers said that they need 2 LAMI dollars to develop a new part at least.

Ehh.. mathematics. 450kk is 4.5 lyama, if we count on the current, and at the course of that period, almost 7.

By pricing policy, I had in mind the price tag of pre -order.

And do not compare the rangers, there was "soul", And here you still need to see what happened.

Sorry, I was a nickered alone when I counted. Well, I misunderstood the comment in general. As for the price, well, now even many do not AAA projects cost so much, alas. Aaa already in 2k+ gaming almost everyone rode.

This is a goof#o should generally start in Lake Baikal.

Just without unnecessary words ahaha

Really the player was brought up, miracles and only, any 8d

DX12, like TLOU and 32 gigs, is great, although on the schedule you can’t say that there is something special. Given that the troubles will be interesting only to our people, in particular, thanks to VK play, too, hope for launching on DX11, as it was with Elden Ring and Death Stranding, is not necessary. The flippers by the way had mass problems with this even on the cards of the 30th series, let’s see what happens in the end here if we are alive.

Well, what can I say, the requirements are unlucky, but perhaps the game will turn out to be sensible and the problems with optimization will be solved promptly . Time will show .

No pre -orders. And so – I’m waiting for course. I think there will be a good game

The trailer is of course so -so, it would be better if they chose a clip from radio slippers

Judging by the systems, this garbage will lag even in 40 episodes

12 of 10 and a new word in the genre!

On pre -order, taking into account the grandiose discount on all retail sites _by xatab .

Many Comments of the couple. like a normal niche game. The fighting is somewhat reminiscent of some kind of fencing simulator only slower. graphics not causing special emotions.
can hide with modes like a scum.

Young features got to work in hell. Sees three boilers where sinners cook. The first boiler is tightly closed, there are many chains, locks on the lid, a bunch of stones are covered on top. A crowd of devils, bagura and clubs for the manufacture are guarded by the boiler. At the second boiler, the lid is ajar, there are two features in caps with bored physiognomies nearby. The third boiler has no cover, no one is near, and the exit from hell nearby. The hell of old -timers went to ask. – You see, Jews are sitting in the first boiler. If one begins to get out, the rest are planted, and as soon as he gets out, he will get out of all the others. In the second boiler – the Germans. The people are neat, executive. We put a sign there "It is forbidden to get out!" – They don’t get out. And they themselves demanded the guard to put the order to be. And in the third boiler there are English. They have a little who will get out of the way – he is pulled by his feet back.

So, I did not understand why there is no sea baikal in the recommended systems.requirements?

Well, nah needs it? Purely for internal use, like "Wygent" English cinema?

Yes, yes, I immediately ran this non-optimized craft to buy in a trash in a clock.

Shock Combo! Success!

I’m not trying to get to be angry, but judging by the video. Mount Blade Warband! The game I have indicated is very possible, in places it is "creation" Even surpasses. And she came out for a long time: D why such requirements?

Ahaha 32 Operations and 3080 on this rub? They are serious? lol.

God for such a play there is not even a desire

Such as you are the very first in the torrent run)

Others do not judge by myself, I will not play for free.

Yes Yes. By the same as you judge and I judge who stinks the louder than anyone, the very first in the line in the torrent, everything will be like with Stalfird)

You are a clown, I didn’t even play your Starfield with you no longer a desire to communicate

Do not forget to cry in the pillow before going to bed, after you download from the torrent)

Everyone has already seen what a stupid fighter is there?

I am alone confused by the price for this English game? Nn developers created an incomprehensible game, and will forgive 1600 rubles.

Lord, I won’t even play in such a parach.

Great! Bought and I will wait for the release.

And those who are crying about graphics and animations should remember that this will be the first game of this studio, moreover, they still have time before the release, they continue to work. For me, the main thing is an interesting plot, and graphics and animations arrange me at a normal level, and it is normal here.

And supporting a domestic developer is worth. It can be seen that they are trying.

From blind patriotism and would begin his speech)

It can be seen that they try to present at least some result, otherwise it is not clear where the state budget has gone. There are indie games made in the basement for 3 beer cans, which are many times better than this despondency.

Bingo. You have passed all the steps of the tests to become a tolerant

The muzon will be the same in the game?)))

Well, unlike cheap pontumers with their jiner! These guys said = made) but from the oldest! Only a stink to heaven in all resources) and from two colors in the eyes rush)

While you are stinking only you)

The game was released?

Perhaps) only how it canceled above what is written) obviously)

Well, compared with the zhidalker! almost yes)

While all they did is a bunch of shit

32 RAM okay, this is right now, no longer an extension, 3080 Nuu is okay, but Raizen 9 and why not immediately Tedriper ?

On the contrary, 32 RAM, just surprise, there is no open world in the game, weak graphics, what to spend RAM ?

Why release such shit at all.

LLC VK play, it’s clear thanks, of course, perhaps nonpoils

Who will be able to interest this nonsense?

And they are so sure that until February they will finish when there is nothing from the game besides technology? XD

Well, this is a mistake to make such system requirements and follow the path of foreign gaming industry. We need to enter the budget market of players, and not this is all by European standards. Hmm, sadness.

Nafig should be in vk play

By name, I immediately remembered the ancient overview of Madisson to the Trehak of the Kremlin dungeon.Swill took life))

Competitor Kingdom Cum?

Radio slippers made a good advertisement to them (and their album), but there was no like atomic Hart with an atomic, although the game was good for the game. And links in the description of the game are not the income themselves are not involved in this

Yes, an advertisement without developments, I just decided to write a video on the joke of the video.

Когда есть реклама всегда есть ссылка на проект/товар(и то с оговорками не все обзоры в сети рекламные думаю понятно должно быть, так как новости в таком случае тоже можно приравнять к рекламе). So always in the media YouTube and not only YouTube occurs.

Read the description to the video carefully before saying that the outfits are not involved in this.

So read the description carefully. I see him, but there is nothing there to indicate an advertisement.

Yeah, they accidentally met and the slippers from Necher to do, posted a video on his channel, with inserts from the game. Well, do not turn on the clown? I’ll go on my knee, I’ll strike the game, maybe the slippers will also come to me.

I bought. And you buy!

Todd Howard about Skyrim

Witcher 3 used to be a witcher 2 and a witcher 1 🙂 It is necessary to help the boys start

They already had the grants

I’m waiting, but they could at least in honor of this pour 10 minutes of gameplay . PS against the backdrop of the turmoil is the same Zhdaldker 2 as a piece of shit ! Xs you don’t like Grafen here . The systems are clearly grooved .

Troubles on the background of Metro Exodus, looks like a piece of shit. It doesn’t matter that the genres of games are different and in general.

The release date of the adventure action of The Walking Dead: Destinies is disclosed

The adventure action movie The Walking Dead: Destinies will be in digital format for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (via Steam) on November 17, and the physical release will be held in December, the Gamemill Entertainment publisher said and developed Tick Flux Games.

Start your journey in the role of Rick Grains, waking up in a hospital surrounded by the dead. Gather the allies and break through the Apocalypse of the Khodoks in the iconic locations of the “Walking Dead”, including Atlanta, the Green Farm, Prison and Woodbury. At the decisive points of choice, you will forever determine the fate of your team of characters from the series. Heroes and villains, living and dead – to decide whether to remain in the course of history or to pave your own path in the world of “walking dead”.

More than a dozen characters from the AMC series, including Shane, Mishonn, Carol, Daryl, the aforementioned Rick and others, will participate in Destinies.

we wait. not in graphene

The graphics are not the main thing if the game is good, but for this video you can not say this

Lol. You praise yourself "Great" Unreal Engine 4 or 5, and then you write that "The graphics are not the main thing if the game is good". If the graphics are not the main thing, why is the all -Return Unreal Engine 5?

If the graphics are not the main thing for you, play Risk of Rain 2 on a normal Unity Engine engine.

Grafen was clearly forgotten.

There can be a very good game potentially. Would have given more budget even a type of norms would be, otherwise it looks so -so.

And why did you get the idea that if the game is weak in the game, then there is a small budget at once, on 5 Angril you can plug any graphone for free at least like in AAA there would be a desire and skill, so this is not an excuse, now technologies allow, not like before

Um, because here it is visible by the trailer? According to the publisher.

On 5 Angril, you can stab any graphon at least like in AAA, there would be a desire and skill, so this is not an excuse, now technologies allow, not like before

No, any graphon does not rivet. The engine and its functionality must be able to use. If it were the way you write, then in Steam there would be a bunch of such games, but something is not visible, which looks like aaa. In the meantime, we have it like garbage and played like garbage, when they quickly rivet on UE5

5 Angril for free you can stab any graphon at least like in AAA there would be a desire and skill, so this is not an excuse

So do your game on Unryl 5, since you are such a sofa expert. You have experience with the development of games on the UE5 engine? The question is rhetorical.

Enrageous people like you, who themselves have never worked with the UE4 and UE5 engine, and make such confident delusional conclusions.

And I am a simple player who buys games and draws conclusions. I know the info of any game – who is the publisher? Who is the developer? What engine is developed on the engine?

Games on the UNREAL ENGINE 4 garbage. Only 20%, surprisingly, work well. Only 20% work well for Unreal Engine 4 is a catastrophically few!

The engine of Unty Engine is generally the opposite. 70% of the games on Unity Engine work excellent. Great optimization. Only 30% work terribly and insignificant. I know that Tarkov and Valheim on Unity work so -so. The rest of the games on Unity work fine. Bright example of Battlebit Remastered, Risk of Rain 2.

I’m not a fan of Unity, I like other good game engines – re English, id tech 7, Forzatech, IW Engine, Decima Engine, Fox Engine, Godot Engine, Snowdrop Enneine. Frostbite was normal, but right now it leaves much to be desired. Even Unreal Engine 3 was better than the all -erected 4 and 5 Anrylka. I can’t believe how Epica fiercely crap with their engine. ID Software also opened with their ID Tech 5 engine, but in the 6th and 7th version of ID Tech has already become better. I am silent about Source 2, I need more games on Source 2.

Age of Empires 4 players await “the largest addition in the history of the series”

One of the largest surprises of the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 event was the release of Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition for consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox SERIES SERIES SERIESS S. During the exhibition, the port trailer was shown, and it immediately became known that it was already available on the market. It turns out that this was not the only surprise prepared for fans of the game at the exhibition in Cologne.

  • Christopher Rubior from the World’s Edge studio (developing AOE4 together with Relic Entertainment) announced that the first expansion package for Age of Empires IV is underway.
  • It will become the largest DLC ever released for games of this series.
  • The addition was called The Sultans ascend and, as the name implies, will be devoted to the introduction of elements associated with the civilizations of the Middle East in the game.
  • Unfortunately, at the moment, the date of release is unknown. The developers also do not reveal any other details about its content, although they promise that soon the situation will change.
  • Instead, the first screenshots of The Sultans asceend were published, which you can see below.

Recall that Age of Empires IV will debut on October 28, 2021 on a PC. Conversion for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles was released on August 22 of this year. On both platforms, the project is also available as part of the Game Pass subscription.

I was surprised at the positive representation of UK in four, the company is good, a checkbox

I liked the 3rd part the most, there were more muviks there. If there are no muviks in the game, then I don’t know why go into the game, except that entertain yourself.

Part 4 did not go, there are no muvikov, graphics as in Dota2 and you are constantly monitored, still damn and demanding.

But I have 3 – no. There are stupid AI, and the AI-Sanizer is completely ready to surrender at the very start; small cards; bug with irritated English houses; weak buildings and walls; Target system in which there are no misses; no change of diplomacy during the game and a lot of small flaws.

Well, you see you speak from the side of the multiplayer or games with bots. But I speak from the atmosphere and gameplay so that even the child understand how to play, where you are encouraged to do something in it.

Rather than here you have troops to go where you want yourself (Age of Emperies 1-2).

I started playing Age of Empires II as a child and for half a week I completely figured out my game mechanics. And the training company for William Vollas is just the limit of clarity and simplicity.

Now I change my words. I like Age of Emperies 1-2 De too.

I just don’t like it when there is no linearity in the game. But, voice acting and graphics in these series are the best)

Funny, the DLS to the second part ended in the campaign. There were no news on AOE2DA/AOE3DE at the exhibition. I am generally silent about aom. They remembered AOE4 at the very end. .

Aom – dull slag. It would be better if they were Ron: Rol made.

It’s not necessary, Aom is cool even now and has a fanbase (which was asked for Remaster). And your Ron Rol is all my forgotten and unnecessary crap. Although I personally did not even hear about her in principle, although I play in the first part. I learned about her after the review on YouTube.

Like a toe, it is worth going? Missed the classic strategies

After 3, I was a little disappointed. Not very come in. All these new shirts and strands were very distant from the classics.

It feels like 2 part but in 3d.

The campaigns there are dull, not at all worth attention. Multipleer game more.

It is not known whether they add a new plot?

At least one new campaign will be

After the remarkable Aoe 3 Age of Empires 4, the players made a double impression.

After 0 a.D. I completely and completely agree with a well -aimed comment on Reddit that Age of Empires as a series is "Nostalgic Garbage".

0 a.D. Incredibly boring and not playable slag. Such clones Aoe Dofig, but something all play in AOO)

No, dude, you’re wrong. Firstly, the friezes in the game do not interfere too much, they pass as opponents are exterminated and there are almost no one on powerful processors at all (alas, the game greatly depends on the CPU). And boring 0 A.D. It seems only for the reason that it has less poppy grotesque than in AOE – it is like a book "Without pictures", what is trying to follow the authenticity of nations. Although, if you think about it, then units and buildings in it are no less than varieties. And in terms of AI and game mechanic AOE series on the background of 0 A.D. looks like a casual bench. If you still have not noticed, then AI in AOE develops, as a rule, within your limits "The nozzle", Despite the fact that in this series you can build houses anywhere. In 0 a.D. it is possible to build only in the radius of the root territory, but the II is much smarter and seeks to seize the entire map in general, and build every city center. It is this that repels AOE casuals in a stack: they are accustomed to the fact that AIE AOE will keep all its critical infrastructure in a completely famous place to the end – within its original city center (for example, on the map "Rivers", AOE AI almost never crosses the borders of its "Islands") and attack almost always from a well -known direction. But II 0 A.D. not like that. He spreads on the map and everywhere strengthens everything to the limit. AI 0 a.D. Likes to go from the rear, which AOE does not do AI. And he is actively "eats" empty lands on island maps, on which AOE AOE deeply purple. And they play AOE just because "Nostalgic Garbage", For after passable forests in 0 A.D. play the strategy about the Middle Ages, where it is impossible to arrange a forest ambush is simply impossible.

These are all mechanics o.A.D is unnecessary. Apparently, AI stupidly do not go to where there are towers. And to run on the map and look for its buildings so -so, especially if the main array of buildings is destroyed. In AOE 4, the same garbage, look on the map here a bot, who is also trying to rebuild key buildings. What is the point of building the whole card? The bot expands and collects the rears, this is enough. This is not an urban planner or not a global strategy. I have no nostalgia for AOE, I started playing the series 6-7 years ago. And of all the clones of AOE, I return only to her2 (in which there is also "painting" cards), well, in Ron (but I started playing it later). A "Realism" Only 1.5 people need games and then it’s easier to download some kind of total Var then (where realism, scale, etc.). Therefore, AOE is alive and perhaps takes second place among all the RTS on the online, and in vigor is probably the first.

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Cits: SkyLines 2 developers warn that the “unfinished editor” can lead to a breakdown of mods

Paradox and Colossal Order released the new column “Word of the Week” Cities: Skylines 2, containing updated information about what the developers planned, and this time we are talking about modding. In the new post, Colossal Order Director General Mariina Hallikainen says that she was “surprised” by the efforts that the players put to find the “unfinished version of the editor” of Cits: SkyLines 2 and use it to create mods.

However, she says that “carefully” should be approached by modding; The use of an incomplete editor can lead to a breakdown of your cards, since in the near future new changes will include this function.

Hallikainen immediately explains that her warning is not aimed at dissuading players from working on mods, but “Rather, to try to openly tell what to expect“. In fact, if you make mods for CITIES: SkyLines 2, just keep in mind that they can be ephemeral because the editor has not yet been released.

According to Hallikainen and Colossal Order, the game editor is planned to be released “at the beginning of next year“, But, as in the case of the update of the editor, published earlier this month, there are still no specific deadlines.

Colossal Order also invites the modders to join the preliminary version of the editor in the early access, the launch of which is planned “A few weeks before its release“. If you register, you can test your mods, share reviews with developers and master the editor until it is full -fledged launch.

Finally, Hallikainen provided updated information about the improvements of performance discussed in the Diary “Word of the Week last week. She says that the cost of rendering of geometry is reduced, and the correction of errors also “Moves well“. According to Khallikainen, a larger patch will be released somewhere in December, before the team will go on a break for a break in three weeks. Naturally, you should not expect patches during this break.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 is already available for PC. The game will also be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in the spring of next year.

Archeage 2 development will end in the second half of 2024

South Korean publisher Kakao Games revealed new information about the game Archeage 2 during the profit and loss report for the second quarter of 2023. First of all, Kakao Games clarified that the development of the game will be "Completed in the second half of 2024". Does this mean that the game will be launched in these terms or shortly after that, so far it is not clear.

Full quote (decryption Ruliweb) states that the release date and more detailed information about the content of the game will be presented to "game exhibitions" Next year, possibly on E3, Gamescom or even on the South Korean G-STAR. The question of Western launch also remains open, although KAKAO claims that Archeage 2 awaits high results in Western countries. This may indicate a simultaneous launch, or at least a much less delay compared to the year and a half between the home and western release of Archeage. Another factor indicating the importance of the western launch of the sequel is the simultaneous development of releases for PCs and consoles. Consoles, as you know, are less popular in South Korea, so the main reason for the release of the game simultaneously with the PC version is to enter the world market.

In addition, according to Kakao, in ArcheAge 2, compared with the first part, more attention will be paid to the plot of a single game, although, of course, it will still have many multi-user actions, including trading at the guild level.

Based on Unreal 5, this MMORPG shares the existing worldview, including the open world, and focuses on a single game. We plan to provide a variety of life content that can be enjoyed in the open world and intend to improve trade to activate trade at the guild level. We want to increase the number of users in a single game oriented towards the development of the plot. Since ARCHEAGE has had many fans in Western countries, such as UK, we expect to achieve results in the world market. In addition, we focus on increasing the level of completion by simultaneous development for PCs and consoles. This is not yet confirmed, but we plan to disclose information about the release and content of the game at the game exhibition next year.

The game Archeage 2 was presented in September last year, when the Xlgames developer company reported that it will work on the Unreal Engine 5 engine. Two months later, the fans presented a magnificent trailer, which talked about the fighting available in the sequel.

Update for Hogwarts Legacy makes controversial changes not mentioned in the pattern

In the latest update of the Hogwarts Legacy game, a disputed change has not been mentioned in the pattern: unforgivable spells can no longer be used in the battle with the boss against Cassandra Mason.

For those who are not familiar with the history of Harry Potter, unforgivable spells are three particularly terrible spells that are forbidden to use in the magical world. This is Kruzio, who torments everyone who was unlucky to fall under his action; Imperio, which sets the target under the control of the caster; And finally, Avada Kedaur, she is a murderous spell. It so happened that all three unforgivable spells are presented in Hogwarts Legacy, and players can study them and apply at their discretion.

Although some changes were made to unforgivable spells so that they fit better into the video game, they mainly work as in books and films about Harry Potter. This means that anyone who got Avada Kedaur dies instantly, which the players used to quickly cope with some bosses of the game. However, judging by the latest update, unforgivable spells no longer work on the Cassandra Mason, which was not said in the notes to the patch.

In the last pattern for the update, it was said that the developers eliminated the problem due to which the game failed if the players used Avad’s cedar at the Cassandra Mason at the beginning of the battle with the boss. It is possible that this, in turn, caused problems, because of which players cannot fully use unforgivable spells on it. It is also possible that the developers did it on purpose, although the reasons for this are unclear.

Some players may wonder who Cassandra Mason is, and this is because in their version of the game she may not appear. Cassandra Mason will appear in Hogwarts in an exclusive quest for the PlayStation, so so far only players on PS4 and PS5 could fight her. It is expected that later the quest will appear on other platforms.

According to the fans, the Polyphony Digital curls with GT7 support and focuses on the development of GT8

Eight weeks – as so much time has passed between the last two major updates for Gran Turismo 7. As this gap stretched, the fans rubbed their hands more and more actively and more actively. "Now a new route will certainly appear!", – They said to themselves – because they were waiting for her back in February.

However, Polyphony Digital had other plans to update 1.38, whose release took place recently. The new content, which the developers considered it worthy to show in the usual 30-second trailer (see. Above), comes down to three new cars – two models of Honda Civic and a semi -invented racing version of Mazda 3. The rest is trifles that did not please the bored community of the game.

The criticism of the developer is pouring on Reddit, X/Twitter or the GTPLANET forum.

I’m trying to get together with my thoughts, but all I feel is disappointed with the general state of these updates. Why are they so empty? Maybe it would not be so insulting if Gran Turismo Sport did not prove that the developers could afford much more, ”writes Autumnalglow (Reddit recently posted a visual comparison of the post -release support of the last two parts of the series).

These updates become really disappointing. The game has such great potential, and it disappears in vain. It doesn’t seem to be good [. ] – echoes him zorz.

Imagine a detailed card with information about what should be expected in the coming months. Such a basic concept seems too complicated for PD. Forza is absolutely indifferent to me, but I must admit that its developers are doing very good work in this area, ”Wagnerfam98 interferes with.

It seems that the GT7 is already in the process of life support [. ] I will not be surprised if the Gran Turismo 8 is announced next year, – adds Artremis.

The thought expressed in the last of the given statements is traced in other places. Not understanding why Polyphony Digital is so skimp on news of their creation, gamers make an intuitive conclusion – obviously, the developer already has another large project in the mind, and this, in their opinion, may be nothing more than a full -scale continuation of Gran Turismo 7.

Is it really? Such a version seems quite believable, especially since the developers themselves expressed such an assumption back in February, but it is unlikely to "Seven" will refuse in the near future. Still, it is worth expecting the release of the traditional second version of Spec II, and with it some other serious innovations (for example, a permanent regime with advanced AI in GT Sophy).

It remains to be patient – great patience – and wait for the next steps from Polyphony Digital.

The full version of the multiplayer sandbox Tinkertown was released

Thunderful and Headup completely launched the mystical multiplayer sandbox Tinkertown today on PC. The game has support for Steam Deck, a multi-user online game for more than 4 players, and in the future it will appear on consoles. You will find a magical place filled with prey, danger and creativity. Enjoy all this with friends or discover the world alone, creating your own village – from small shacks to impressive castles and towering villages, give free rein to your imagination.

TinkerTown is a refreshing multiplayer adventure in the sandbox. Enjoy the excellent handmade pixel graphics and unique biomes in which you can get lost when you enter the depths of mystical forests, wander through the great deserts and challenge the ice tundra. Collect resources, exploring this procedurally generated world to create tools, weapons, furniture and even build buildings.

Among the new functions of this release – a magazine that will accompany you in your epic adventure showing non -game characters, achievements and quests – all quests and awards are distributed between players on the server, which means that everyone can receive well -deserved awards. Another new function is the establishment of mutual understanding with non -game characters by performing quests and improving their houses with jewelry, which they like, which will bring additional awards to the players. The magazine also contains recipes and resources found during your travels, with hints leading to new discoveries, as well as a bestiary, which shows all the monsters that you encountered, where to find them when they find them and their special knowledge.

While the superficial world is mostly peaceful, only the most daring researchers will enter the ominous dungeons scattered around the world, and the horrors living inside will win. In these dungeons you will find previously encountered enemies in a completely new form, as well as a completely new final boss, where those who dare to face the criminal world are waiting for epic booty. After the release, it is planned to add more content, for example, an additional biom, many items and even more dungeons.

It seems that Marvel’s Blade will work on the Void Engine engine

Last week, after the success of Deathloop, Arkane Lyon presented an important announcement at The Game Awards at The Game Awards. The studio has been working on Marvel’s Blade for almost two years, which may become a competitor to Spider-Man on Xbox.

While the project is at an early stage of development, there is not much information about it, but, apparently, Arkane Lyon will return to its VOIID Engine engine.

Thomas Mote works as an older lighting artist in Arkane Lyon. LinkedIn developer profiles notes his experience in teams such as EA Motive and Eidos Montreal. However, more importantly, this seems to confirm that Marvel’s Blade will not use Unreal Engine.

As mentioned earlier, Unreal Engine seeks to become a new standard for AAA development. Thanks to general tools and attractive functions, various studios play for Unreal Engine 5.

The fact that Arkane Austin recently switched to Unreal Engine is also interesting. The notorious Redfall used Unreal Engine 4, which made many assume that Arkane Lyon would follow this example.

Arkane austin, apparently, also experienced difficulties with the engine. Redfall was originally absent from the 60FPS mode on the consoles, and the performance on the PC was, to put it mildly, not the best.

According to some reports, many of these problems were caused by the fact that the studio did not manage to master the Unreal Engine technology. If this is true, then Arkane Lyon most likely made a wise choice using the VOID Engine engine.

On the VOID Engine engine, Deathloop was recently created. Although this game was not the most impressive in graphic plan in 2021, the first -person shooter was distinguished by an artistic style inherent only to Arkane Lyon works.

Therefore, fans can expect a similar implementation in Marvel’s Blade, since concept arts and announcement show that the team is again striving for a stylized type.

Cyberpunk 2 may appear more branched plot lines based on the choice of the background of players

In the Cyberpunk 2, which received the code name Orion, more branched storylines may appear, determined by the player, such as a nomad, corporate party and a child of streets in Cyberpunk 2077.

Speaking at the ANSWRED podcast, the narrative director of CD Projekt Red Philip Weber said that the lack of the effect of the background in most parts of Cyberpunk 2077 is that the studio wants to improve in future games. While Weber is currently working on the next main game Witcher under the code name Polaris, the Cyberpunk sequel is also at the conceptual stage of development.

I think that, for example, the background gives you a promise that you can play more diverse characters. I think that in the future we would like to improve this as an example. Since I believe that we made a promise, which, perhaps, in the end did not fulfill.

The tie Cyberpunk 2077 changes depending on the chosen life path, but within an hour all three options merge into one main story. Although it has various branches and choice options, the influence of life paths is subsequently limited to random additional dialogs.

The game begins with a very specific thing, you can be a nomad, corpo, a street boy, but then it sometimes goes a little aside. We move everything together. Then sometimes you can do this. As a quest designer, I think, looking back, we can see the old topic, given more experience, given more time, I think we would have made it less confusing than we made her there.

Leading quests designer in Polaris, whiten Augustine, who also worked on Cyberpunk 2077, says that the starting backgrounds are not very important for the main plot of the game. "I think the background is the life that you leave Vi", – he said.

Whatever you do before, the moment comes when everything is crumbling, right? And you start a new life with Jackie. Of course, we would like it to make more meaning, but I think that in the form in which this is happening now, you seemed to come from a certain life. And this life ended. She is in the past, and now you live a new life that ends, spoilers, in the prologue, and then you have to deal with the consequences of this.