Cits: SkyLines 2 developers warn that the “unfinished editor” can lead to a breakdown of mods

Paradox and Colossal Order released the new column “Word of the Week” Cities: Skylines 2, containing updated information about what the developers planned, and this time we are talking about modding. In the new post, Colossal Order Director General Mariina Hallikainen says that she was “surprised” by the efforts that the players put to find the “unfinished version of the editor” of Cits: SkyLines 2 and use it to create mods.

However, she says that “carefully” should be approached by modding; The use of an incomplete editor can lead to a breakdown of your cards, since in the near future new changes will include this function.

Hallikainen immediately explains that her warning is not aimed at dissuading players from working on mods, but “Rather, to try to openly tell what to expect“. In fact, if you make mods for CITIES: SkyLines 2, just keep in mind that they can be ephemeral because the editor has not yet been released.

According to Hallikainen and Colossal Order, the game editor is planned to be released “at the beginning of next year“, But, as in the case of the update of the editor, published earlier this month, there are still no specific deadlines.

Colossal Order also invites the modders to join the preliminary version of the editor in the early access, the launch of which is planned “A few weeks before its release“. If you register, you can test your mods, share reviews with developers and master the editor until it is full -fledged launch.

Finally, Hallikainen provided updated information about the improvements of performance discussed in the Diary “Word of the Week last week. She says that the cost of rendering of geometry is reduced, and the correction of errors also “Moves well“. According to Khallikainen, a larger patch will be released somewhere in December, before the team will go on a break for a break in three weeks. Naturally, you should not expect patches during this break.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 is already available for PC. The game will also be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in the spring of next year.