Cyberpunk 2 may appear more branched plot lines based on the choice of the background of players

In the Cyberpunk 2, which received the code name Orion, more branched storylines may appear, determined by the player, such as a nomad, corporate party and a child of streets in Cyberpunk 2077.

Speaking at the ANSWRED podcast, the narrative director of CD Projekt Red Philip Weber said that the lack of the effect of the background in most parts of Cyberpunk 2077 is that the studio wants to improve in future games. While Weber is currently working on the next main game Witcher under the code name Polaris, the Cyberpunk sequel is also at the conceptual stage of development.

I think that, for example, the background gives you a promise that you can play more diverse characters. I think that in the future we would like to improve this as an example. Since I believe that we made a promise, which, perhaps, in the end did not fulfill.

The tie Cyberpunk 2077 changes depending on the chosen life path, but within an hour all three options merge into one main story. Although it has various branches and choice options, the influence of life paths is subsequently limited to random additional dialogs.

The game begins with a very specific thing, you can be a nomad, corpo, a street boy, but then it sometimes goes a little aside. We move everything together. Then sometimes you can do this. As a quest designer, I think, looking back, we can see the old topic, given more experience, given more time, I think we would have made it less confusing than we made her there.

Leading quests designer in Polaris, whiten Augustine, who also worked on Cyberpunk 2077, says that the starting backgrounds are not very important for the main plot of the game. "I think the background is the life that you leave Vi", – he said.

Whatever you do before, the moment comes when everything is crumbling, right? And you start a new life with Jackie. Of course, we would like it to make more meaning, but I think that in the form in which this is happening now, you seemed to come from a certain life. And this life ended. She is in the past, and now you live a new life that ends, spoilers, in the prologue, and then you have to deal with the consequences of this.