Age of Empires 4 players await “the largest addition in the history of the series”

One of the largest surprises of the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 event was the release of Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition for consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox SERIES SERIES SERIESS S. During the exhibition, the port trailer was shown, and it immediately became known that it was already available on the market. It turns out that this was not the only surprise prepared for fans of the game at the exhibition in Cologne.

  • Christopher Rubior from the World’s Edge studio (developing AOE4 together with Relic Entertainment) announced that the first expansion package for Age of Empires IV is underway.
  • It will become the largest DLC ever released for games of this series.
  • The addition was called The Sultans ascend and, as the name implies, will be devoted to the introduction of elements associated with the civilizations of the Middle East in the game.
  • Unfortunately, at the moment, the date of release is unknown. The developers also do not reveal any other details about its content, although they promise that soon the situation will change.
  • Instead, the first screenshots of The Sultans asceend were published, which you can see below.

Recall that Age of Empires IV will debut on October 28, 2021 on a PC. Conversion for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles was released on August 22 of this year. On both platforms, the project is also available as part of the Game Pass subscription.

I was surprised at the positive representation of UK in four, the company is good, a checkbox

I liked the 3rd part the most, there were more muviks there. If there are no muviks in the game, then I don’t know why go into the game, except that entertain yourself.

Part 4 did not go, there are no muvikov, graphics as in Dota2 and you are constantly monitored, still damn and demanding.

But I have 3 – no. There are stupid AI, and the AI-Sanizer is completely ready to surrender at the very start; small cards; bug with irritated English houses; weak buildings and walls; Target system in which there are no misses; no change of diplomacy during the game and a lot of small flaws.

Well, you see you speak from the side of the multiplayer or games with bots. But I speak from the atmosphere and gameplay so that even the child understand how to play, where you are encouraged to do something in it.

Rather than here you have troops to go where you want yourself (Age of Emperies 1-2).

I started playing Age of Empires II as a child and for half a week I completely figured out my game mechanics. And the training company for William Vollas is just the limit of clarity and simplicity.

Now I change my words. I like Age of Emperies 1-2 De too.

I just don’t like it when there is no linearity in the game. But, voice acting and graphics in these series are the best)

Funny, the DLS to the second part ended in the campaign. There were no news on AOE2DA/AOE3DE at the exhibition. I am generally silent about aom. They remembered AOE4 at the very end. .

Aom – dull slag. It would be better if they were Ron: Rol made.

It’s not necessary, Aom is cool even now and has a fanbase (which was asked for Remaster). And your Ron Rol is all my forgotten and unnecessary crap. Although I personally did not even hear about her in principle, although I play in the first part. I learned about her after the review on YouTube.

Like a toe, it is worth going? Missed the classic strategies

After 3, I was a little disappointed. Not very come in. All these new shirts and strands were very distant from the classics.

It feels like 2 part but in 3d.

The campaigns there are dull, not at all worth attention. Multipleer game more.

It is not known whether they add a new plot?

At least one new campaign will be

After the remarkable Aoe 3 Age of Empires 4, the players made a double impression.

After 0 a.D. I completely and completely agree with a well -aimed comment on Reddit that Age of Empires as a series is "Nostalgic Garbage".

0 a.D. Incredibly boring and not playable slag. Such clones Aoe Dofig, but something all play in AOO)

No, dude, you’re wrong. Firstly, the friezes in the game do not interfere too much, they pass as opponents are exterminated and there are almost no one on powerful processors at all (alas, the game greatly depends on the CPU). And boring 0 A.D. It seems only for the reason that it has less poppy grotesque than in AOE – it is like a book "Without pictures", what is trying to follow the authenticity of nations. Although, if you think about it, then units and buildings in it are no less than varieties. And in terms of AI and game mechanic AOE series on the background of 0 A.D. looks like a casual bench. If you still have not noticed, then AI in AOE develops, as a rule, within your limits "The nozzle", Despite the fact that in this series you can build houses anywhere. In 0 a.D. it is possible to build only in the radius of the root territory, but the II is much smarter and seeks to seize the entire map in general, and build every city center. It is this that repels AOE casuals in a stack: they are accustomed to the fact that AIE AOE will keep all its critical infrastructure in a completely famous place to the end – within its original city center (for example, on the map "Rivers", AOE AI almost never crosses the borders of its "Islands") and attack almost always from a well -known direction. But II 0 A.D. not like that. He spreads on the map and everywhere strengthens everything to the limit. AI 0 a.D. Likes to go from the rear, which AOE does not do AI. And he is actively "eats" empty lands on island maps, on which AOE AOE deeply purple. And they play AOE just because "Nostalgic Garbage", For after passable forests in 0 A.D. play the strategy about the Middle Ages, where it is impossible to arrange a forest ambush is simply impossible.

These are all mechanics o.A.D is unnecessary. Apparently, AI stupidly do not go to where there are towers. And to run on the map and look for its buildings so -so, especially if the main array of buildings is destroyed. In AOE 4, the same garbage, look on the map here a bot, who is also trying to rebuild key buildings. What is the point of building the whole card? The bot expands and collects the rears, this is enough. This is not an urban planner or not a global strategy. I have no nostalgia for AOE, I started playing the series 6-7 years ago. And of all the clones of AOE, I return only to her2 (in which there is also "painting" cards), well, in Ron (but I started playing it later). A "Realism" Only 1.5 people need games and then it’s easier to download some kind of total Var then (where realism, scale, etc.). Therefore, AOE is alive and perhaps takes second place among all the RTS on the online, and in vigor is probably the first.

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