According to the fans, the Polyphony Digital curls with GT7 support and focuses on the development of GT8

Eight weeks – as so much time has passed between the last two major updates for Gran Turismo 7. As this gap stretched, the fans rubbed their hands more and more actively and more actively. "Now a new route will certainly appear!", – They said to themselves – because they were waiting for her back in February.

However, Polyphony Digital had other plans to update 1.38, whose release took place recently. The new content, which the developers considered it worthy to show in the usual 30-second trailer (see. Above), comes down to three new cars – two models of Honda Civic and a semi -invented racing version of Mazda 3. The rest is trifles that did not please the bored community of the game.

The criticism of the developer is pouring on Reddit, X/Twitter or the GTPLANET forum.

I’m trying to get together with my thoughts, but all I feel is disappointed with the general state of these updates. Why are they so empty? Maybe it would not be so insulting if Gran Turismo Sport did not prove that the developers could afford much more, ”writes Autumnalglow (Reddit recently posted a visual comparison of the post -release support of the last two parts of the series).

These updates become really disappointing. The game has such great potential, and it disappears in vain. It doesn’t seem to be good [. ] – echoes him zorz.

Imagine a detailed card with information about what should be expected in the coming months. Such a basic concept seems too complicated for PD. Forza is absolutely indifferent to me, but I must admit that its developers are doing very good work in this area, ”Wagnerfam98 interferes with.

It seems that the GT7 is already in the process of life support [. ] I will not be surprised if the Gran Turismo 8 is announced next year, – adds Artremis.

The thought expressed in the last of the given statements is traced in other places. Not understanding why Polyphony Digital is so skimp on news of their creation, gamers make an intuitive conclusion – obviously, the developer already has another large project in the mind, and this, in their opinion, may be nothing more than a full -scale continuation of Gran Turismo 7.

Is it really? Such a version seems quite believable, especially since the developers themselves expressed such an assumption back in February, but it is unlikely to "Seven" will refuse in the near future. Still, it is worth expecting the release of the traditional second version of Spec II, and with it some other serious innovations (for example, a permanent regime with advanced AI in GT Sophy).

It remains to be patient – great patience – and wait for the next steps from Polyphony Digital.