It seems that Marvel’s Blade will work on the Void Engine engine

Last week, after the success of Deathloop, Arkane Lyon presented an important announcement at The Game Awards at The Game Awards. The studio has been working on Marvel’s Blade for almost two years, which may become a competitor to Spider-Man on Xbox.

While the project is at an early stage of development, there is not much information about it, but, apparently, Arkane Lyon will return to its VOIID Engine engine.

Thomas Mote works as an older lighting artist in Arkane Lyon. LinkedIn developer profiles notes his experience in teams such as EA Motive and Eidos Montreal. However, more importantly, this seems to confirm that Marvel’s Blade will not use Unreal Engine.

As mentioned earlier, Unreal Engine seeks to become a new standard for AAA development. Thanks to general tools and attractive functions, various studios play for Unreal Engine 5.

The fact that Arkane Austin recently switched to Unreal Engine is also interesting. The notorious Redfall used Unreal Engine 4, which made many assume that Arkane Lyon would follow this example.

Arkane austin, apparently, also experienced difficulties with the engine. Redfall was originally absent from the 60FPS mode on the consoles, and the performance on the PC was, to put it mildly, not the best.

According to some reports, many of these problems were caused by the fact that the studio did not manage to master the Unreal Engine technology. If this is true, then Arkane Lyon most likely made a wise choice using the VOID Engine engine.

On the VOID Engine engine, Deathloop was recently created. Although this game was not the most impressive in graphic plan in 2021, the first -person shooter was distinguished by an artistic style inherent only to Arkane Lyon works.

Therefore, fans can expect a similar implementation in Marvel’s Blade, since concept arts and announcement show that the team is again striving for a stylized type.