Update for Hogwarts Legacy makes controversial changes not mentioned in the pattern

In the latest update of the Hogwarts Legacy game, a disputed change has not been mentioned in the pattern: unforgivable spells can no longer be used in the battle with the boss against Cassandra Mason.

For those who are not familiar with the history of Harry Potter, unforgivable spells are three particularly terrible spells that are forbidden to use in the magical world. This is Kruzio, who torments everyone who was unlucky to fall under his action; Imperio, which sets the target under the control of the caster; And finally, Avada Kedaur, she is a murderous spell. It so happened that all three unforgivable spells are presented in Hogwarts Legacy, and players can study them and apply at their discretion.

Although some changes were made to unforgivable spells so that they fit better into the video game, they mainly work as in books and films about Harry Potter. This means that anyone who got Avada Kedaur dies instantly, which the players used to quickly cope with some bosses of the game. However, judging by the latest update, unforgivable spells no longer work on the Cassandra Mason, which was not said in the notes to the patch.

In the last pattern for the update, it was said that the developers eliminated the problem due to which the game failed if the players used Avad’s cedar at the Cassandra Mason at the beginning of the battle with the boss. It is possible that this, in turn, caused problems, because of which players cannot fully use unforgivable spells on it. It is also possible that the developers did it on purpose, although the reasons for this are unclear.

Some players may wonder who Cassandra Mason is, and this is because in their version of the game she may not appear. Cassandra Mason will appear in Hogwarts in an exclusive quest for the PlayStation, so so far only players on PS4 and PS5 could fight her. It is expected that later the quest will appear on other platforms.