Archeage 2 development will end in the second half of 2024

South Korean publisher Kakao Games revealed new information about the game Archeage 2 during the profit and loss report for the second quarter of 2023. First of all, Kakao Games clarified that the development of the game will be "Completed in the second half of 2024". Does this mean that the game will be launched in these terms or shortly after that, so far it is not clear.

Full quote (decryption Ruliweb) states that the release date and more detailed information about the content of the game will be presented to "game exhibitions" Next year, possibly on E3, Gamescom or even on the South Korean G-STAR. The question of Western launch also remains open, although KAKAO claims that Archeage 2 awaits high results in Western countries. This may indicate a simultaneous launch, or at least a much less delay compared to the year and a half between the home and western release of Archeage. Another factor indicating the importance of the western launch of the sequel is the simultaneous development of releases for PCs and consoles. Consoles, as you know, are less popular in South Korea, so the main reason for the release of the game simultaneously with the PC version is to enter the world market.

In addition, according to Kakao, in ArcheAge 2, compared with the first part, more attention will be paid to the plot of a single game, although, of course, it will still have many multi-user actions, including trading at the guild level.

Based on Unreal 5, this MMORPG shares the existing worldview, including the open world, and focuses on a single game. We plan to provide a variety of life content that can be enjoyed in the open world and intend to improve trade to activate trade at the guild level. We want to increase the number of users in a single game oriented towards the development of the plot. Since ARCHEAGE has had many fans in Western countries, such as UK, we expect to achieve results in the world market. In addition, we focus on increasing the level of completion by simultaneous development for PCs and consoles. This is not yet confirmed, but we plan to disclose information about the release and content of the game at the game exhibition next year.

The game Archeage 2 was presented in September last year, when the Xlgames developer company reported that it will work on the Unreal Engine 5 engine. Two months later, the fans presented a magnificent trailer, which talked about the fighting available in the sequel.