The full version of the multiplayer sandbox Tinkertown was released

Thunderful and Headup completely launched the mystical multiplayer sandbox Tinkertown today on PC. The game has support for Steam Deck, a multi-user online game for more than 4 players, and in the future it will appear on consoles. You will find a magical place filled with prey, danger and creativity. Enjoy all this with friends or discover the world alone, creating your own village – from small shacks to impressive castles and towering villages, give free rein to your imagination.

TinkerTown is a refreshing multiplayer adventure in the sandbox. Enjoy the excellent handmade pixel graphics and unique biomes in which you can get lost when you enter the depths of mystical forests, wander through the great deserts and challenge the ice tundra. Collect resources, exploring this procedurally generated world to create tools, weapons, furniture and even build buildings.

Among the new functions of this release – a magazine that will accompany you in your epic adventure showing non -game characters, achievements and quests – all quests and awards are distributed between players on the server, which means that everyone can receive well -deserved awards. Another new function is the establishment of mutual understanding with non -game characters by performing quests and improving their houses with jewelry, which they like, which will bring additional awards to the players. The magazine also contains recipes and resources found during your travels, with hints leading to new discoveries, as well as a bestiary, which shows all the monsters that you encountered, where to find them when they find them and their special knowledge.

While the superficial world is mostly peaceful, only the most daring researchers will enter the ominous dungeons scattered around the world, and the horrors living inside will win. In these dungeons you will find previously encountered enemies in a completely new form, as well as a completely new final boss, where those who dare to face the criminal world are waiting for epic booty. After the release, it is planned to add more content, for example, an additional biom, many items and even more dungeons.