The Last of Us Part 1 on PC is “not laziness”, the developer Naughty Dog assures

The last few months have been far from the best for the PC gaming community. With such loud releases as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, suffering from a number of problems, gamers were unhappy with the state of AAA-IGR on PC. Despite the previous ports for the PC, PlayStation also could not live up to expectations when she released The Last of US Part 1. Due to poor quality at the start, the game quickly has become the worst release of Naughty Dog today.

And while many discussed the problems related to recent ports on PC, the Walker, the leading designer of the characters in the Naughty Dog, made explanations on this issue. According to him, creating games for PC is more difficult than doing this for consoles. In his Twitter message, Walker tried to explain that many different tools are used to work on PC, as well as drivers and combinations, which is difficult to provide for how the ports will behave, and that is why many AAA-Igra were launched at launch "broken".

Creating a game for the console, you work with a unique set of drivers/hardware. Creating a game for PC, you work with more than 900 possible combinations. I guarantee you that it’s not laziness. It’s just really very difficult. The game can work smoothly on 600 computers, but you cannot know for sure until it comes out. The developers are trying very hard, but working with non-standard platforms is not so easy. Especially taking into account how complicated and graphically rich are modern video games.

The developer noted that the PC games should be optimized under a much wider hardware spectrum than for consoles. This is one of the difficulties of development for PC, but several studios have proved that optimization for PC is not impossible. Even in the year, when there were many bad ports, games such as Dead Island 2 and Atomic Heart have distinguished themselves because they were well adapted for PC. The last game was created by a much more modest developer, but it was she who showed the potential that PC games possess.

After the release of PS5 and Xbox Series S | X, many AAA games have risen in price to $ 70. Although several publishers still release games at the old price of $ 60, it is expected that they will soon follow them. With a higher cost of modern games, consumers are not in vain expecting high -quality releases, but the increase in cost clearly did not lead to an increase in the quality of products for the platform. PC hardware is also better than ever, with powerful video cards and processors. In addition, to help developers optimize work with less productive components, and NVIDIA and AMD have introduced scaling technologies such as DLSS and FSR. But, even despite all these innovations, modern computer games seem to experience their worst period in recent years.

It is true that the developers spend countless watches on the creation of modern AAA-IGR, but consumers are also not mistaken when they express their disappointment from the technical condition in which games are produced. Over the past few years, the release of unfinished games has become the norm, and the developers release patches within a few months after the release to correct the game. But this should not be.

One can only hope that in the future PC games will become better than in the previous months, offering users of optimized high-quality games that can justify their high price. At the same time, in order to avoid such surprises, it is recommended to first familiarize yourself with the reviews and tests of future games.