The authors of The Simpsons Hit & Run, like many fans, are puzzled by why the sequel has not yet been released

Developers The Simpsons: Hit & Run finally sat down at the table to discuss why the cult classical game with the open world did not receive continuation, and, frankly, it seems that they were no less puzzled than fans.

Programmers Kary Brzebua and Greg Mayer, producer Steve Boksk, designer Darren Evenson, executive producer John Melchior and Specialist designer Chris Mitchell, in an interview with journalist Ben Hanson, told in detail what happened. A three-minute video with an interview was posted on November 20 on the Minnmax YouTube channel.

As it turned out, the developers said that Radical Entertainment was preparing a sequel to games. But to the question of what the decision was due to the termination of the continuation, Melchior replied: "I don’t know".

"It was a deal for five games for less money than, in my opinion, Vivendi paid for the first game", – He continued Melchior, telling that his boss at that time was also puzzled by the fact that the game was postponed. "He simply said: "I don’t understand. I presented it to you on a saucer with a blue bucket, why you just can’t say "Yes" And you can’t make these games?" It was a really strange solution. I will never understand this. Most people at the production level did not understand it".

The original game, also developed by Radical Entertainment, was released by Vivendi Universal Games in 2003. When information on an alien conspiracy is subject to Springfield, players can take part in various tasks to investigate a series of strange events that unfold. And, as well known to fans of the game The Simpsons: Hit & Run, one of the most iconic features of the game is racing missions inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

In the sequel, it was planned to expand the capabilities of players in driving a car due to the possibility of towing objects from the machine. Mayer even created a prototype of a new function before the game was closed.

This prototype, presentation in PowerPoint and several objects – that’s all that was done in the new game by the time when it became known about the abolition of the project. According to Mitchell, even the plot has not yet been fully worked out: "Everything was awry".

In those early times, everyone simply invented what he wanted, so I am sure that at that time there were 12 competing plot lines. Who knows what would happen in the end?

In those times, the possibility that the game will not be completed was unthinkable – especially taking into account the fact that four more potential games loomed on the horizon, ”the developers agreed: "It will be a franchise, no one had doubts", – said Melchior.

"It was simply unthinkable; Of course, we will do it", – Added by Evenson. "The stars came together, we are walking along this path. And then a feeling appeared: "Hmm, it seems that no".

Melchior believes that one of the main factors of the failure of the game was the inability of Vivendi to obtain a license for the rights to video games "Simpson". At the same time, the executive producer noted that Vivendi managed to get the rights to "Buffy – vampire fighter", equally popular franchise.

EA signed a contract for the rights to video games by "Simpson" In 2005, but the last time the publishing house released the game in this series in 2007.

"It was sad because there was no loss of the impulse between sending this game and the work on the continuation", – Mudges Melchior.

So, it seems that the continuation of The Simpsons: Hit & Run is officially excluded while EA retains the rights to the franchise. But at least we can still hope for the original remaster.