The authors of CITIES: SkyLines 2 devoted a new video of electricity and water

CITIES: Skylines II, a sequel to a huge urban planning and managerial game from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive publisher, received a new overview of the gaming process dedicated to electricity and water. The developers talked about power plants, emergency battery stations, water purification mechanisms, sewage taps and much more.

CITIES: Skylines II enters the market on October 24, 2023. It will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Cits: Skylines II continues to impress. More recently, the developers delved into the topic of city services, presenting a new trailer and video about developers. Today’s gameplay may not be so extensive, but no less thought out and important.

The gasket of underground cables is conveniently tied to roads. But electricity is realized more than ever: transformer stations, power lines with load restrictions, changes in use when changes in temperature and much more.

All new opportunities are accompanied by serious restrictions, which makes the players meticulously manage their city. Players will be able to test various types of energy – from renewable to nuclear.

The addition of neighboring cities also allowed developers to introduce imports and electricity exports. These new relations with the outside world smoothly flow into each other and, it seems, does not violate the established rhythm of the series at all.

While many characteristics of water resources remained the same, groundwater turned out to be unexpectedly neat. It seems more sensitive, because it can dry out, and also be contaminated.

The population as a whole is felt more involved and more delicate in Cits: Skylines II. Waste disposal and prevention of diseases play a large role. But fans of the genre will be delighted with all new freedoms and difficulties that give this continuation a deep immersion.

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