Stranded: Alien Dawn throws new challenges in the exciting addition of Robots and Guardians

Frontier Foundry, Frontier Development game label and Haemimont Games developers announced the new DLC for survival on Stranded: Alien Dawn planet. Robots and Guardians will be released on Tuesday, November 7, PC in Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Robots and Guardians presents a new dynamic scenario in which players will protect Hope, the first reasonable android. The Hope saved from the clutches of its creators, a ruthless production consortium, a group of rebels should protect themselves from their attempts to return their invaluable property.

In search of refuge on an unknown planet in the outside worlds, the rebels should build a safe and reliable refuge in which the developing mind Hope will be able to continue to develop. As the Hope intelligence grows, players will be able to choose new skills and open new character traits. She can also develop a need for rest and potentially form connections with group members. New resources, Silicaenergel and Silicaenergel Plus, can be created to ensure the food of Hope, which cannot eat human food.

Throughout the script, players should develop innovative strategies that allow rebels to overcome the waves of automatic attacks of the consortium, fighting with combat robots, combat drones and mobile turrets to protect the HOOP and achieve victory.

Together with new challenges, new technologies come. Rebels will be able to explore, design and use a number of new weapons, including defensive robots, mobile machine guns, laser weapons, laser swords and much more. Robots can be called into battle, after which they will return to semi -automatic command posts. Bots, mobile turrets and laser swords can also be used in all Stranded: Alien Dawn.

DLC also presents a new survivor, Henry Koldwell. The veteran hardened in the battles, striving to regain humanity, Henry came out of adversity stronger thanks to robotic replacements of limbs and special close combat skills, which makes him the perfect choice for any group living under the threat of attack.

DLC will come out with a free update of the basic game for all players, which will bring a number of new functions and improvements. These include drone delivery technologies, the ability to build multi -storey buildings, futuristic furniture, carbon crossbow and much more.