Some players experience great difficulties with the victory over the training boss in Armored Core 6

Japanese journalists were right – many players really experience great difficulties with the victory over the training boss in the Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, which completes the introductory mission.

Be careful, therefore there will be some spoilers from the very beginning of the game.

According to Automaton Media, this boss is the AH12 HC helicopter equipped with a flurry of missiles and heavy machine guns fire. "The first boss AC6 puts my ass", – writes one of the players on Twitter. In truth, often "Training" FromSoftware bosses have remarkable abilities, but sometimes they are by nature insurmountable, such as the avant -garde in Demon’s Souls.

One of the messages in the Armored Core community claims that approximately half of the negative reviews about the game Armored Core 6 in Steam were left by players who could not defeat the initial boss. At the moment, Armored Core 6 has an excellent rating "Very positive" in Steam after more than 3859 user reviews.

True, in several negative reviews, users really write about the AH12 HC Helicopter boss, calling it "completely unnecessary", But the vast majority of reviews seem to be more focused on the general design of the Armored Core 6, as well as on management using a keyboard and mouse.

"It’s just Sekiro with the coloring of Armored Core, and, in my opinion, she suffers from this", – writes one of the users after more than nine hours of game. "The only thing I can’t stand in this game is banal and terrible dialogs. The conversations are so interesting and saturated that they resemble children playing in the war in the backyard", – Another player writes.

Although some players in Armored Core 6 have difficulties with the initial boss, but this does not reflect the general negative opinion of the players about the game. If the players are dissatisfied with the new Fromsoftware game, then this is more about the design of the game and dialogues.