Russian modification Stalker2ue is deleted at the popular Moddb site

Moddb is a famous modding platform in the gaming industry, where models from around the world can publish their creative projects. However, when visiting the Stalker2ue page on Moddb, we will see a mistake. According to modification developers on their Discord server, this is associated with the removal of modification for not obvious reasons. This caused indignation in the community of fans and fashionables, and the question arose about the reasons for such a decision, because the neighboring modification of “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly ”has not been deleted and has been on the site for several years and at the same time also does not have to be in the basic game. In this article, we will consider this incident and try to clarify whether the deletion of Stalker2ue is removal by censorship or a reasonable solution of the platform.

Grounds for removal

According to the official statement of MODDB, the reason for deleting the modification of Stalker2ue was to violate the rules of the platform. The report said:

No matter how incredible your project as a technical achievement, unfortunately, we cannot place individual games without the resolution of developers. Fashion is not a problem, since you need to have a basic game to run them.

More specific details of the violations were not provided, which caused discontent and doubts among the community of English models.

Community reaction

Stalker2ue’s modification deletion caused lively discussions and conflicting opinions in the community. Some users believe that this is a reasonable solution, since copyright disorders and the use of intellectual property without permission are a serious misconduct. They support the Moddb decision in protecting the rights of content owners and support the principles of legality.

However, many English models and fans of the Stalker series see in removing the modification manifestation of censorship and restrictions on creative freedom. They believe that Moddb uses double standards for English models and unclearly determines the boundaries of the permitted content. Such a decision can negatively affect the motivation and enthusiasm of English models, their desire to share their creative projects and invest in the development of community.


Removing the English modification Stalker2ue on the Moddb platform caused disagreement and discontent in the community. The issue of censorship and restriction of creative freedom of English modes remains open. It is important that Moddb provides clarity and objective evidence of violations, and also interact with the community to develop more transparent rules and moderation processes. This is the only way to ensure a fair and supportive environment for models and fans of games.