Phantom Blade Zero will include several combat styles, the study of the half -open world and much more

A recent interview with S-Game developers tells about the gameplay features of Phantom Blade Zero.

The founder of S-Game Soulframe and the senior vice president of publishing Mike Peng in an interview with IGN told several interesting details about the action of action in the Hack N ‘Slash genre.

Here is a multiple squeeze from the interview:

  • Universe Phantom Blade – Soulframe describes the Phantom Blade setting as China from the Min dynasty, but with all kinds of effects "Steampan, cyberpunk, dark fantasy and horror films". This is a gloomy place where you will have to fight for survival.
  • Combat styles – Phantom Blade Zero will not encourage players to certain game styles in the process of passing. Instead, players can use instruments such as murders and combo to secretly pass the game, or completely immerse themselves in the Kung fu combat system, in which much attention is paid to the use of the environment in their interests.
  • Basic and additional weapons – Throughout the passage of the game, the player will have the main and additional weapon. The main weapons are all kinds of blades that move differently depending on the length and weight of each of them. Double blades are also available. Minor weapons, or Shachi, varies from fast weapons, such as spears, to heavy guns, such as axes and hammers.
  • Improvements and equipment – Exploring the half -open cards between combat clashes, the player will find equipment that can be modernized to increase general strength. In addition, in the process of passing each zone, the player will be able to get skills.
  • The upcoming demo – Although a 30-minute demonstration will be available next year, Mike Peng said that this time it will be "Only by invitation". Which means that representatives of the press and the creators of the content will have to contact the studio in order to get a demo version.

Everything we hear about Phantom Blade Zero sounds promising. While we saw only one gameplay trailer, so whether the game will justify the increased hype, it remains to be found out. Nevertheless, the developer team is clearly passionate about their project, and this says a lot when it comes to the development of the game.