New Subverse Development Diary

Developers from Studio Fow Interactive released the 24th Subverse Development Diary. In it, the creators shared information about what the studio is working on now. Here are the main points:

  • The development of the next part of the plot continues, as well as the basic systems in need of major repairs.
  • New user interface
  • 10 cinematographic scenes for the history of Blyite have been created.
  • Testers should get the final assembly of Blyite in early June. The announcement of the release schedule will be after completion of testing.
  • Work is underway on quest scenes of devotion to Killy and hunters.
  • Working on the latter from scenes for Kickstarter Spacewhale. It includes DEMI BJ scene with Mantic.
  • Work is underway on large -scale sexual scenes.
  • The creation of some new Grid Combat missions has been completed. For the most part, these are standard combat missions with a unique way of narration. While these missions are initial testing, in line – the creation of anomalies for the next batch of opening solar systems, and then the integration of Pandora scenes.
  • The sound design of old scenes will be brought into line with the new.
  • New cybersexual toys for some scenes, including a very special "props", which is still kept secret.
  • In general, the project is gaining a good form both from the point of view of content and in terms of the availability of development opportunities in order to realize all the plans, wishes of users and, possibly, even more.

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