Modders repair Starfield faster than Bethesda itself

Bethesda responded to the comments of players who claim that user modifications correct the most annoying and critical errors in Starfield faster than the developers themselves.

The head of the community named VaultofDaedalus explained that official corrections and additions require a long process of certification and localization, especially for game consoles. That is why the company provides beta testing on the Steam platform. In addition, Bethesda seeks to combine separate amendments into large updates, and not release them separately.

The development team always works and continues to work on solving many problems that the community is reported to them. We thank you for your support and perseverance!

However, the community is not entirely satisfied with these explanations. Commentators claim that the main problem of Starfield is that the company prefers to pay attention to a lot of minor corrections, instead of focusing on the most annoying and disturbing mistakes.

There are always errors that can be fixed quickly enough, as they require minimal efforts. Software developers often give the impression that correction of these errors requires much more time. And how long it takes to "testing" updates of the appearance of the characters or leather textures?

Players note that prolonged testing did not prevent the company from releasing a game with a mass of errors and flaws, especially considering that the bulk of technical corrections do not require localization.

Recall that immediately after the release of the game, the creators of user modifications took upon themselves the correction of the game. They have already released The Starfield Community Patch, which makes a significant number of corrections and improvements, despite the lack of official support for mods in Starfield. One of the creators of the fashion Starfield Together even called the game "rubbish" and canceled his project.