Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will return David Heyiter as a Snake

Although the rumors went for a long time, it was pleasant to finally get official confirmation that Konami would really make a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. The remake was called Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater.

In the era of remakes of classical games, fans can expect complete graphic processing, as well as improved and modern gameplay elements, while the original plot and narrative will remain untouched. In the official press release, Konami also confirmed that all the actors of the voice actors of the original game, including David Hater as Snake, will return to the remake.

Quite a lot of time has passed since we enjoyed the cult performance of Hater the role of a lover of Stlas, since Kifer Sassenda appeared in the role of a Snake, and since then has not been a single new game Metal Gear. Here is a brief description of what we can expect from Delta:

The new generation of players and loyal fans will be able to find out the history of the origin of the famous Big Boss and see how his legend was pierced in the maiden of the operation "Snake eater". The remake will represent original voice actors, a rich storyline and the wide possibilities of combat survival in harsh conditions, supplemented by unprecedented graphics and exciting sound.

If all the well -known actors of the game will return, then the following voices will be associated with their characters.

As the main character Snake Eater, to this former "Green Beret", The CIA has become an operative, several members of the Fox unit help. Among them, Major Zero, voiced by Jim Piddok and Banjo Ging, who gives advice on performing tasks and tactics of battle; Para-Medik voiced by Heather Halls and Hawko Kuvashima, offering medical and environmental knowledge; And the sigint voiced by James with. Matis III and Cage Fujavara, providing valuable information about weapons and equipment.

Two main antagonists of the game also return. Colonel Volgin, voiced by Nile Ross and Kenzi Utsumi, Colonel GRU with electrical abilities, plotting a political revolution, and the boss voiced by Lori Alan and Kikuko Inoue, a former mentor of Snake, again play their roles. The boss also leads a special forces detachment "Cobra", consisting of fighters "End", "Fear", "Rage", "Pain" And "Sadness", each of which brings its unique abilities to the game.

Additional characters, such as Dr. Sokolov, a racing scientist, voiced by Brian Cammings and Naoki Tatsuta, and Alexander Granin, a competent scientist, voiced by Jim Ward and Takeshi Aono, contribute to the complexity of the plot line. Snake’s love interest, Eve, voiced by Suzetta Ming and Misa Vatanab. An additional depth is given by the acting staff, voiced by Josh Keaton and Takumi Yamadzaki, who heads the elite unit "Ocelot" In GRU Volgin.