Iron Man from Ea Motive is still at an early stage

In September, EA and Motive Studio announced that the developer began work on a single -user adventure action movie Iron Man, and now the studio has provided updated information on how the game is developing.

Update, written by the CEO of Motive Studio Patrick Klaus, shows that although the focus of the developer team has shifted to the Iron Man game after launching the Dead Space remake in the beginning of this year, the game is still at the stage of preparation for production.

“Since the launch of Dead Space, our attention has switched to the Iron Man project, which gave us the opportunity to work (and play!) with another unusual project, ”Klaus wrote in the update. “We are still at an early stage of preparation for production and are in no hurry to make sure that we have laid out the best possible basis for development. But now we find so many opportunities to explore the history, design and gameplay with an iron person, and it is interesting to see how fantasy begins to come to life. ”.

In addition, Motive Studio also created a public council consisting of fans who intend to continue to participate in the development of the game Iron Man even in the early stages, as in the case of Dead Space. Meanwhile, Klaus also confirmed that the game is created on Unreal Engine 5, as mentioned in several previous announcements about work.

This will be the first Motive Studio game created on Unreal Engine, while all previous studios games – Dead Space, Star Wars Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront 2 – were created on FrostBite.

“Even at such an early stage of the process, we created a community council consisting of fans of an iron man and Marvel; As in the case of Dead Space, they will give reviews about almost everything throughout the entire development process, ”Klaus wrote. “Meanwhile, we chose Unreal Engine 5 as our playing engine to give the developers to work miracles and create something really special”.

Little is known about the Iron Man game, although previous vacancies listed that it could be a game with the open world.

Meanwhile, Iron Man is not the only Marvel project that EA is currently working on. The single -user adventure game Black Panther is also in development in the recently created Cliffhanger Games and was confirmed as a game with the open world.