Insomniac Games once really worked on the Sunset Overdrive sequel

Sunset Overdrive, perhaps, did not enjoy such universal success among critics and users as games about Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, but, despite the relatively low popularity, she had her own loyal fans, which have not lost hope for almost ten years now to the sequel. And, as it turned out, the sequel was really once developed in Insomniac.

This follows from internal documents that allegedly leaked to the network after hacking, which the studio had recently been subjected to. One of the 2016 documents published by the Reddit user said that Sunset Overdrive 2 was in development in the studio since October 2015, and by October 2016 it was planned to begin the pre -production of Sunset Overdrive 3, while continuing to work on the second part.

Presumably, these plans were canceled in favor of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was also supposed to be in development at about this time. However, the game about the superhero is not mentioned anywhere on this particular slide.

As a result of Insomniac data leakage, it became known that Sunset Overdrive dispersed 1.9 million copies with a circulation, and the studio itself earned only $ 567 in the game. Given this, it is easy to understand why the sequel was not in the list of priorities. It is interesting that the rights to the publication of the next two potential sequels seem to still belong to Microsoft.

On the other hand, a series of games about Spider-Man turned out to be incredibly successful. Information leaks showed that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was sold with a circulation of more than 10.2 million copies, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2-6.1 million copies in a little more than three weeks. Earlier this year, it was officially confirmed that the Spider-Man series was sold by a total circulation of more than 33 million copies.

According to leaks, Insomniac is currently also working on Marvel’s Venom and Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, as well as on Marvel’s Wolverine, which will be the first part in the ICS Games series. The new Ratchet and Clank game is also mentioned, as well as the new IP at some point after 2030.