For Hearts of Iron 4, the extension of ARMS AGainSt Tyranny has become available

Hearts of Iron 4 expands the range of new stories that you can write in ARMS AGAINST TYRANNY, a new addition to the popular wargam in the global strategy from Paradox Interactive. The northern countries of Europe occupy a central place, since they resist, unite or cooperate with more powerful and aggressive neighbors. Sometimes winter is your only ally.

Explore the dramatic struggle of Finland against the Soviet invasion, lay a neutral course based on weapons trafficking, or examine the alternative history of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. ARMS AGainSt Tyranny also adds more solutions about the production of weapons, providing players with new tools to check their skill in a modern war.

Features of Hearts of IRON IV: ARMS AGainSt Tyranny include:

  • New National Tree of Focuses of Finland: go through the diplomatic rope of a democratic country that has been trapped between threats, create a combat -ready defensive army or follow the alternative historical ways of cooperation with neighboring tyrants.
  • New Swedish National Focus Tree. A rich in resources and extremely independent Sweden can become the center of a single Scandinavian resistance or an ally that changes the rules of the game in the ongoing battle of ideologies.
  • New Danish and Norwegian tricks. Can you, looking back, prepare these small countries for a storm of war, which is about to rush to their shores?
  • Military-industrial organizations. Set your military industry, encouraging national corporations to specialize in those types of weapons and technologies that you want to use in your armed forces.
  • International Weapon Market: become a global quartermaster, selling weapons and equipment to warring countries, receiving in return for the capacities of civilian factories.
  • And again: a new design of units, 10 new songs, setting up special forces units and expanded specialization of divisions.

Hearts of Iron VI: ARMS AGainSt Tyranny will be accompanied by a large free update available to all Hearts of Iron IV players.