Focus Entertainment and the authors of the A Plague Tale series resumed cooperation for “another exciting project”

After the releases A Plague Tale: Innocence and A Plague Tale: Requiem, publisher Focus Entertainment announced the resumption of cooperation with the developer of Asobo Studio within the framework "Another exciting project". It is currently unclear whether it will be a new part of the A Plague Tale series or a completely new game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem came out for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC via Steam October 18, 2022. The game is also available through Xbox Game Pass. Switch version is available only through a cloud.

I am extremely happy, I hope there will be a sequel, both parts were gorgeous

What a sequel? If you have passed both parts, you know why there will be no continuation.

I am afraid, as it were, amias after her lesbo haircut at the end in Requiem in continuation was not in a relationship with Sofia. )))

You understood what I wrote about, but at the same time wrote what I wrote, I meant in the present T.K at the end there was clearly a hint, and why this is not a continuation.

Very good ! I hope this will still be a new game and not a continuation of a Plague tale despite the fact that this game is cool..

So there is nothing to continue. The story is over. introduce new characters and pull the plot from the finger. I doubt that they will go for it.

That’s the total, and therefore, and therefore I really do not want to continue it.Honestly, I didn’t really catch me a requiem, though not better than the first part, but at least the same but not.The first part is just the poison for her even Vidyakha then updated.

Actually, in the second part, an open finale. The third part will probably be in our time

I doubt it very much.
Rather, this scene demonstrates that humanity has not been devoured with rats and has survived to this day. As actually a macule disease.

What does such categories like "humanity" And "Gouched"? The outbreak of producing a makula is not a global phenomenon, this is all within the region, and the epicenter and trigar starting the flash is the next "child and defender" – So it was in the days of Hugo and Amicitia and their predecessors from the time of the Roman Empire (from the famous). And the scene and the end of the third part that the next manifestation of the prison of the macula will occur today – in the hospital "child" And we understand somewhere and "Defender". And if you pretend to be the prerequisites of a possible plot – I did not go out to interrupt the absorption of her brother with a makula, her predecessor, although Amicia got information about past events (albeit late for making more faithful decisions), hence she could be in the way that she could devote herself to herself for preparation for the future arrival through centuries Prima Makula. At the end of the second part, we were shown that after amication after psychological rehabilitation in a single place and the adoption of loss, it was also in the search for the meanings of further existence. The appearance of a smugglers with news and the reason to move on hints that amicia has chosen its further life path. And within the framework of the general plot and Laura, the story of a certain order would organically fit into our days that monitor the outbreaks of the prison of the macula and the search for a child and its defender to help and protect, in order to give a head start in the next cycle, and of course at the origins of this order The amias, which at one time with the help of contabandlers and other unanimous people, and also favorably leaning on its noble origin, took up the search and collection of additional information for the future, it could also be beaten to the joy of fans in the third part of a small prologue for amication at the beginning, showing her adventures as a food -downtrous event in modernity. This would be a convenient introductory for those who did not play in both previous parts.

Great, over the past few years, the only game that has been held 2 times.

All two parts according to the picture are bombically beautiful! I would say not so many such beauties in today’s games as in the series A Plague Tale.

I hope they will make a mock -up, that’s right, like in Last of OP 2

If it is a Plague Tale 3 – I will be very glad, if not, I will touch it anyway! I hope they make a good game about which positive emotions will remain!

Let’s already have the 3rd part in the modern setting, otherwise this ancient time causes vomiting.

Why does she have her head? She climbed with her fists at her husband?

it would be better to fix the bugs because of which it is impossible to play the game literally!

There are no such bugs

What are the bugs there. The game has perfect optimization at the start ☝️ passed that the first one, the second part is threshold.

Yes? tell this game in which the camera does not move from the very beginning from the word at all!!

Yes? Well, go look at the topics in the discussions of the same steam! and you will understand that there are bugs darkness! https: // Steamcommunity.COM/App/1182900/Discussions/

Do not drive fast! I am two parts in the muddy. Pirate game from Khattab. Maybe the hands of the pendos of bugs and lags, I have everything perfect in the game☝️

So, moreover, I will say, I did not wait for patches if they were, of course, but began to go through the game at the start. There was only one flight when the river was transported to the raft. This was due to the reassignment of the RAM. It will be necessary, I can make a huge proof.

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