Fans believe that an unanounced game from Insomniac is a spin -off about Venom

Spider -Man 2 will be released on October 20, 2023, and Wolverine – in the fall of 2024. Insomniac works hard, but she has even more in the sleeve – AAA unannized game, which was confirmed by the director of the project Erin Eberhardt yesterday.

There are already several tips that it could be a game – in February, actor Tony Todd wrote on Twitter: "Just signed for another significant voice acting for yourself you know who Devourthis", that, according to many, means that he again plays the role of a certain monster-symbiont. At the San Diego Comic-Con exhibition, he also said that he had another project in the development, which coincides with his tweet. Since Insomniac confirmed that there is a third game in the development, the spin-off about Venoma looks very likely.

At least, fans think so, since many quickly took yesterday’s news as evidence that Insomniac is working on another spider-off spider-off, similar in scale to Miles Morales. This explains how the studio can simultaneously deal with three games at once after she just released two games about Spider-Man, Remaster and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. However, judging by the earlier announcement of the vacancy and the powers of Eberhard, it is likely that this non -anneized game is a multiplayer project, and not spin -offs.

Before Eberhardt came to Insomniac in 2021, she worked at Blizzard for almost four years as a senior project manager and a leading project manager, in particular, by World of Warcraft and HearthStone. It is possible that she uses this experience in her new project in Insomniac, which is confirmed by last year’s vacancy of the art director.

It demanded a person who could "create style guidelines for various aspects of production and be responsible for the artistic leadership in the multiplayer environment", But the nail in the lid of the coffin for the spin-off of Venom was scored by the fact that the game was described in the vacancy "New IP".

This means that this is not Sunset Overdrive 2, not Ratchet & Clank, NOT Resistance and NOT spin-off about Venom. However, it is not yet known whether the game of Eberhardt is related and this announcement about the vacancy of multiplayer – given its past works, is very likely, but so far the Insomniac will not announce anything, we cannot know for sure. In any case, it is obvious that fans want to play for Venom, whether it be a fragment in Spider-Man 2 or a full-fledged game.