Developers Star Wars Outlaws talked about the spacecraft management system

Recently, Ubisoft, if you have not yet noticed, actively uses its capabilities and shows how great its capabilities are. Now she collaborates with a number of the largest IP companies in the world, creating games, which are the action of which takes place in their worlds and universes. Among them is one of the most interesting – Star Wars Outlaws. The events of the game will turn around in the time of the original trilogy, but the center of attention will be the dirty insubody of the distant, distant galaxy. The plot of the game complements the fact that you have to fight both on Earth and in space.

Cosmic battles are not a novelty for the games of this franchise, but they always vary in depth. In an interview with the creative director of Star Wars Outlaws, Julian Gerighty, IGN asked questions about what exactly awaits gamers in space battles:

"As for the battles in space, in this case we work very closely with those teams from Ubisoft, which in the past have already created arcade letters and combat simulators. And the main thing for us was how to make this process as affordable as possible, since movement in a full 360 -degree environment is a rather difficult task. It is about reducing the pace, but to make sure that each battle is very tense and explosive at the same time. Therefore, we strove not only for battles, but also for the study of space. Everything is very accessible in the warhead. The game has control of the capture camera, when you press the enemy, you are only about the accuracy of shooting. Therefore, during the battle, many movements become much easier. And you will have both small -scale battles and very large -scale battles".

As another member of the group of developers noted, the ship can also be configured at its discretion, but at the same time it will keep its secrets and history that you can study:

"We talked a lot about this with Lucasfilm Games: the House is a villain – this is his ship. It is here that they eat, live and have fun. So we are dealing with the aspect "Dog fights", And this is a very important part of the game. But we also want to say that on the ship you can communicate with the characters, study. The ship contains secrets associated with its history and other. We look forward to when players can get to know him".

It seems that on the ship it will be possible to plunge into the intriguing atmosphere immediately after the release of the game.