Black Desert will receive an extension in which there will be no mobs, only bosses

Black Desert Online has existed since 2014 and captivates players with its boundless progress, fighting style battles and a huge list of playable classes. The game has no level restrictions – after reaching "soft bar" In level 62, an increase in experience slows down, but it is still. Over the past decade, the studio has released updates focused on PVP, PVE and PVT (this is a player against a tree. There is so much crafting here).

But what the studio has not yet done is an extension, concentrated more on the plot than on tons of mobs for grind. Still.

Land of the Morning Light is a new update for BDO, which goes on June 14. It presents a completely new continent located far in the north-west of the lands, which are now occupied by the heroes. It is inspired by Korean myths and medieval culture, and the Pearl Abyss developer hopes that players who have met Korean media, such as Squid Game, The Glory and BTS, will find it at the same time familiar and intriguing.

On the island you will find a lot of new, for example, Korean goblins called Dokkaebi and new estates for decoration. What you will not find is zones filled with monsters, at least in the above -ground world. The expansion consists of eight quest lines that you can pass in any order, each of which is connected with the new boss with which you have to fight. Instead of going in search of 15 caresses and 10 goblins, you will follow every task, exploring the island and a little Korean folklore. After you reveal the secrets of the fox spirit Gumikho or the king of golden pigs, you can fight with them in the battle, and then go to the next task.

All of them end in the final tasks of expansion, including several more secret lines and bosses. Players of any level will be able to take part in this content, since the entire extension is scaled in accordance with your level and equipment indicators – moreover, new players will be able to create a new character and start their experience in BDO here, which is good news for those who wants to start the game for the first time.

However, for the existing players who were engaged in a grind, all their sweat and tears will not be in vain. While 90% AP and DP for your characters will be calculated according to the new system, 10% will be directly related to character statistics. This will allow the existing cool heroes to get an advantage, and the rest of the newcomers – a chance to fight new bosses.

They will also need this support if they want to climb to the top of the weekly leaders. In the Lands of the Morning Light endgpille, each of the eight bosses (and two endbosses) rises to 10 levels of Calamity, with each level of the boss is becoming increasingly complicated. The levels after the fifth are generally inaccessible to the player, until one of the players of the same class with him will win the fifth kalamity, unlocking it for everyone else. The leaders’ tables are also divided into classes to make the competition fair, since it will be easier for some classes to cope with one bosses and harder with others.

To help the players in their desire for the glory of the first unlocking Kalamity or took first place in the leadership table, there is a system of attributes. As you pass the plot tasks on the island, you will receive light balls that can be attributed to the sun, moon or earth, each of which correlates with different bosses. As you collect them, your basic indicators will increase, and it will be easier for you to cope with the boss.

For a game that approaches its 10th anniversary on the Kung Fu Battery formula and the farm of monsters, Land of the Morning Light-a risky rate. Without PVP content and zones with monsters that need to grin, this new extension definitely a little beyond the scope.