Another failure of Blizzard? Diablo 4 could not attract a large audience in Steam

Yesterday, October 17, Diablo IV debuted on the Steam platform. Nevertheless, it is difficult to consider the release on the new site with a full success, since the game attracted only a small number of players.

At the moment, Diablo 4 has mixed reviews, and at the moment only 57% of 299 reviews of positive responding to the game. Some players even recommend refraining from the purchase of these products from Blizzard and prefer something else, for example, Baldur’s Gate III.

The peak online Diablo 4 was also not particularly impressive-the number of online players at the moment is only 2 236.

The game itself launched the second season called "Blood season" And the players are also not too flattering about him.

Naturally, a game with dubious content, which costs 10 thousand rubles

Where did you get 10, then wrote that 5 with something.

Well, from 5 to 7 thousand, too, the price is not cheap.

But this is not 10k and not about

7k is already near, at least for me personally. 🙂 you can take Elden Ring and take 3 bastard gates 3.. And he will even remain on Shaverm. Or stalker 2 and bastard gates 3 and even a lot of Shaverm will remain + on soda.

But you can buy a ssdshnik or filepower on a PC. In any case, the avid player will not take a standard edition. And pay for the full money. Not so many categories will prefer to do this)

If you do not take into account a temporary discount and take ultimate Edien, it comes out somewhere around 9600. So everything is right. Basic game without a discount will cost 6700.

Of course, he will not attract such a price tag)

well, maybe if not mentioned "Grind" in the game, it would be a little more audience.

Any game of this type about grind. This is an integral part of the genre

Yes, but the game where the main component is the grind, as for me, it cannot cost so much.

Yes, and annoying that they introduce such grind and do not give good unique things, so that you would definitely wait for a new season, a new game + and ++. And all in order to "Stretch" game.

Too high price tag, 1,500 wooden enough for her. Some people even have money, well, they can’t afford to buy a game for 10k or 5k – this is too sharp and a large rise in prices in our time, against the backdrop of such competition, the blizartam needs to show restraint and sanity, people are simple and choose where cheap and high quality, but not where it is expensive and not completed. If the game costs 10k, then it should correspond to the price (price – quality). If the game is supposedly so stupid, then only one exit remains – let them make it free in general. Otherwise they will serve simple servers and no one will play it. The main thing for the developer is art, and money is a pleasant bonus at the end. Only now in our time they forgot about it about everything, everyone needs only money – that’s not games, but platforms for bringing a person to the counter.

The price tag for this game is not adequate, for UK it is so for sure, dancing with tambourine and swings, for buying a game, many are also repelled from the purchase. (My personal opinion).

I wonder why?

Because the game is bought in a blub? =) Yes, and the discount is not enough to buy 2 times.

She is not available in the English Battlet, but this is not a problem for a long time, all fans have already been bought for 7k in the battle, and in Steam I don’t even know who will buy, if only at a very large discount. Personally, I am not ready to give it for it for more than 2k)

2k and then this is a lot, I do not want to pay for the game for 800 rubles, to which the bonuses of the former leadership, who are now managers, managers in the local
and given the reality that the game is even more expensive because "Import substitutions and politicians", So it is at all, to combine the Library of Steam in +2500 games seems much more interesting

It is profitable to buy in Steam, without intermediaries, you can buy a battlepass and platinum, etc., but you can’t do it through the battalum, you are there if you create Kazakhstani, then you look through the fan, etc. so that you can be thrown on an acc – they can and can be wrapped or wrapped or wrapped in Akk to steal in general) And through Steam you through kiwi a wallet in tenge on Steam you throw currency and buy anything for D4 and not only for it, look global, in Steam this is generally a paradise that D4 came out, you can get a game yourself and do not steam.

Well, logical, the game is a parash. And fanatics-kalo-eaters have long been bought on a battle, now there are much less electoral audience

Because who wanted to, bought it in BNET and managed to understand what the game is worth

Obviously, five thousand rubles with a discount for this half -dead game, well, fans will buy, but white prices are three maximum.

It is doubtful that in Steam Vapsha is big online, as most still plays in the battleship

This is the whole point. In Steam, only those who have not heard about Diablo will buy and now decide to try the new.

No one realized that Maykosoft Actwijn Blizard buys?

It was necessary to release on the release and not after half a year. And the price. I think a remake 2 would shoot in Steam

Well, since they banned in the English Federation let them play this g*downtime for 8k. And above, I hoped that at least Steam would provide access for the English Federation and with a discount of good all this will be, but there was no FIG there. So they also wonder why the players are so few, so let the incisions and those who bent such a horse’s price for it and play. I will buy only at a reasonable price within 2-3k. Otherwise, let them go forest, I can not play other games badly.

Why be surprised then !?
As much as possible, they already bought.

Xs- online in Steam so-so indicator. Everyone who wanted to, took it in the battle, and the views on Twich speak for themselves. I am not particularly a fan of diabloor, but I could not resist the Combo+discount, and with pleasure I got into seven hours.

Millions of players in the battle?

For some reason, Starfield had 6 more online, but he generally is free by subscription

The game is a corpse. Neither seasons nor the DLC will save her anymore.

almost 8k without a discount – very painful in price

Now with a discount gift in the battleship 5k, in Steam 6k. At the start of exactly the same price tag was.

No, it’s different. So it will not work to whine

And this is like cheap?

For such a game – normal.

And what about this game "Such"? D3 for example cost 2000r maximum. But there was no Batlpasses or a shop in D3. And the seasons came out the same. For what is the price here?

Well, like a failure. Judging by their reports, the game was bought by 15 million hamsters. They bent so much dough that the trucks were holding and unloaded mountains of money. Can this be called another failure? I don’t think. But they could not earn the loyalty of the players – the game did not go to the most.

I was surprised yesterday when I went in the new season and there were no queues. In 3 diablo in the new season you could go without problems, only for 3 days, after the start of the season.
And the season is so -so. You open the runes (which for the most part are useless), knock out the medals and blood from the elite and bosses. You put the medal in the armor, you spend blood on the upgrade of runes. Moreover, the mechanics of the upgrade are disgusting. Accumulated, for example, a thousand blood, went to the upgrade of the rune, pressed "Add experience", I improved once – I got out of the runes menu to the backpack and now you need to go back to the runes menu. Rave. Even more nonsense is that you are given a choice to improve 3 runes (random) and even if you do not like the rune and you just leave the menu without upgrade – the blood is written off, as if you have improved something.
The gameplay of the game does not differ from the gameplay of previous seasons, only instead of angry hearts – farmim blood.
In the previous season, it was possible to insert interesting hearts into the rings, for example, Necra’s curses of weakness were triggered at Necra (even if this skill was not inserted into the slot). And in the new season – only infection with ioe bonuses. The rest of the improvements of pets and vitality. In general, under the majority of builds – useless upgrades.
But the most important thing is that the game is still boring and monotonous. Run from point A to point B, to find the item, and then from there, download to the other end of the card, so that you should talk with the NPS there already and again galloping to the other end of the card.
You know the blizes – go to *** y with such a game. I had 3 hours in the new season with, supposedly completely processed mechanics.
Ah, and the game of the store turns into a pole. Now not only a gear with effects, but also painted portals in a shop. Ay, they were shortly leaked Diablo. Return to D2 Remaster or D3. And we are waiting for a do 2.
In no case do not spend more than 1 thousand rubles on this. And if you still really want to play, take some account from someone. Or wait until the middle of 2024, when the hi2 comes out – the accounts with Diablo 4 will lie on sites with very low prices.

I can’t even imagine what to add to the game or remove the opposite, so that it starts to praise and tremble 24/7 without boring, I can’t imagine what it is necessary if I would even be a developer. All players always do not suit

In Diablo 2 everything suited. In Diablo 3, too, everything suited. In the Poh of many everything suits. Diablo 4 – garbage that does not suit almost all. This is no longer RPG, it is running from point A to point B with the opportunity to scatter useless skills along the way.
If you want to see how modern isometric RPG should do – look at the laste of eras.

On the weekend it will be opened)))

Everyone who wanted to buy already bought at Battle.Net. Why buy in Steam? She works exactly through the batter.

there are caste people who say – how it will come out in Steam, I will buy

It is strange that they at all released it, the third did not go out in Steam, but Diablo buy fans and play it for years, probably everyone who needs it, they already bought everything in the battleship.

She is not needed there and there. Even if Diablo is launched on other sites, it will not be sold there either.

For that 70 billion from suckers from Microsoft was cut off😂

well, mb, they thrust the loot will change the top and things will go? and if not, then the Tensente or Vivevedy will sell, they all buy up what they sell

We have already blocked. Well, I didn’t really want to. :))

Kazast Akk do in Steam and you will be happy. without VPN, AKK is created in 5 minutes. And you throw money in tenge through Kiwi and you do not need any RF ACC Steimovsky.If you want to play strongly, then do AKK for free Kazakhstani.

Why such difficulties, and even to bring money to these hypocritical creatures? These freaks will not receive a penny.

And what is the strange next season of GO BNUSTY everything that was said by blitches all the lies did not add experience nothing at all

Unfortunately, without dancing with tambourines, if the accounts are old and Englishs, then FIGs are so easy to buy this game that on your native platform, which is on Steam. So the number of players for this reason is also very cut off.

1. There is no way to buy a game legally. Or a change of region or buying an account.
2. Extremely not adequate price for this garbage. This crap should not exceed the price tag of 1 thousand rubles. There is nothing to pay for 8k at all.
3. The game is complete garbage. After passing the company, the game is so quickly boring that interest is completely lost. Online games confirm my words. An extremely small number of people continues to play this Vytr.
From this we can conclude that few people need a game with such problems.

The product is dubious, the discounts are small, who wanted – bought already. And most importantly – players are waiting for adding to gampass. Why take in Steam?

Everything will not be so simple, they will most likely add when an addition comes out, without which it will be the half of the game, t.e without buying additions, you will not play for anyone, the same Teso as an example.

Come on. The same Forza is now without additions. Or a scamfield, which is without microtransactions for now. Yes, Gampass is focused on taking the basic game for nothing, to catch up as many people there as possible, and to catch up with microtransactions. Well, it allows you to. The store from the release blooms and smells. The second seasonal pass, even now buy. While the release has not passed the release – it is the most to add to the subscription.

In the DLS there will be a class of a monk and a separate location of Kurast. The location is not large (on the global map at the very bottom, the unprofitable area is new Loka). In the company we will catch up with a girl who ran away with a Mepiste stone. Will this attract new players and restore whether online? I doubt very much. DLS will go out to the 3rd season. By that time – everyone will already forget about Diablo 4.

When they added an addition to D3, they increased the level of the Persian and Shmot, respectively. In fact, too, is not a big 5th act, but how many changes have brought the addition. This is what I was led by. The class is not necessarily a monk, maybe he also hangs out with spirits. They can introduce a completely new class, taking into account that in the video with a leak they said that there will be a new weapon for Glef class. Although in the development of rumors another 8 different classes, and nearby they themselves do not really know which class to introduce, but it seems like Spiritborn is tested in the alpha (and who we will find out on the 3rd).

The price bites frankly. It is better to take activation to feel and there it will not be a pity will be abandoned

And how do you take activation in the online game?)

This is not a single player that can be played without a network connection, this is the same as saying an activation on the Second World War or ruler =)

I don’t know about the ruler, but the Second World War has free servers))
But Diablo 4 should not be bought, at least for the full cost. Yes, even 10 bucks are very sorry to pay for this Vytr.

What do you have free not free servers? We are talking about activating single player of the game! Any MMO game still requires a constant connector, and in the case of an offline activation of the single, you put your hands offline with your hands so that the game does not break up the updates and does not mock active sessions of the game from the current AKK

Now, if I went out on a torrent, I would attract a large audience)

Yes, fuck it is needed) it would be better if classic games were released, by the type of WWII, Diablo 1-2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft

The player is already spoiled by hits in this segment. And just good toys.Well, the price is written below. Under 10k.It’s strange that they are surprised. So stupid there or something?

I’m waiting for a hotz already – for the first time in 2 years I can fly back

This slow is not even necessary

The price is large. I would at least at a discount like that of Baldurov – I would buy. But at the moment, even with -25 discounts is a little expensive.

As for me, 3 part is quite good and dopile, if it bursts it better to play it than in this stuffiness.

Yesterday I went to look at what is worth it, and not surprising.. So you reduce the price tag and you will be happy!

You made a 25%discount, why did not buy? The fact that the game with a discount costs 60 bucks, and the ultimate publication is 100 bucks, nobody worries anyone!

It was necessary to make an interesting game, not Grindel for 7k

As I could. Saw how many negative reviews?

There is nothing surprising in these problems! When money begins to manage art, and money is very dependent on political decisions. Then you can think up everything else yourself.

I would have taken for a kosar, not more expensive

2by TOP, 3 was good. This is generally some kind of crap . Diablo game is not about diablo. It’s not even felt stupid as a full-fledged game, but some kind of addon. Everything is gloomy, the same type, wiring, but the Donata was brought in the dona-no-wicked. in short, this is some kind of crap and it was better, it did not go out.