“Alpha version was better”: players share mixed impressions of the last Bete Skull and Bones

This weekend, Ubisoft conducted another closed beta testing of the Pirate action of Skull and Bones. Despite the fact that the project is nominally approaching the release, the players themselves very ambiguously assess the quality of the project. ZBT users began to actively share their impressions of the game, which unexpectedly separated. Some gamers notes technical and visual improvements, other gamers scold developers for changes in some interesting mechanics.

Judging by the reviews of the participants of the closed beta, the new Skull and Bones demonstration turned out to be worse than alpha tests in its content. Since then, Ubisoft has made many gameplay changes, which, according to the players, have greatly simplified potentially interesting mechanics. Here are some interesting reviews about the last beta:

Yes, the old PVP was better, but now it has become even worse. Ships no longer have various types such as a cargo ship or a quick researcher. The power supply system is not for the better, now you do not need to feed or drink a command, but only endurance or small buff. Ship buffs that can be used in the team completely disappeared. The only good thing I see is that you can shoot from a rocket launcher so as not to cause help, and, finally, shoot a mast because it can stop the ship.

So, this is a huge disappointment, but, unfortunately, the alpha version was much better in many sense. They added stupid escort quests here and forgot about other aspects of the game. There is no clan system. Still only a team of 3 players. There is no friendly fire. The crew system from Odyssey / Valgalla has not been added. Sea songs not to be equal to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. No settlement, city, lair or any other construction system, where we could feel that we were really building our pirate fleet. Any movement on land is strongly disappointed.

To add many missing things to the game, it will take months, and compared to the last alpha, the game simply became simpler and more monotonous, with an emphasis on PVE and the most stupid PVP in history.

At the same time, those who scolded the latest version of Skull and Bones were also found those who praised. As users note, the ZBT eliminated a number of critical errors and, in general, began to work much more stable on all platforms. Along with this, in some places, the visual component was improved and the interface was updated, which became more convenient to use.

Skull and Bones is created for PC and current generation consoles. Judging by the reaction of the players, Ubisoft has a lot of work to improve the gameplay, but technically the game seems to be already completed.